Sleeping is an important part in maintain the metabolism of the body. It is characterized by inhibition of almost all the sensory activities including those of the voluntary muscles. However, with the current situation in our day-to-day general life sleep disorder is quite a common phenomenon. The primary reason for such sleep disorder is directly related to stress, bad food habits & eating disorders and sedentary lifestyle. Sleep actually helps to build up the wrecked up immune system and helps to repair the wear and tear in the muscles that had occurred during the course of the various activities in the day.

Co-relation between exercise and sleep

The relation between sleeping and exercising before going to bed is quite dicey as it differs from one individual to another. It has been already proven that regular exercises have beneficiary effects on the body. However, it is often heard as a general complain that one is too exhausted for exercise. This phenomenon can be directly proportional to the amount of sleep disorder that a person experiences. It is a matter for general knowledge that as the day progresses our body temperature also raises, the peak being at 2 pm to 6 pm. As the night comes, our body temperature also cools down. Therefore, lowering the body temperature is very essential before going to sleep.

Exercising Before Sleep: Facts and Figures

It is common myth that exercising before bed can be disastrous to the sleeping pattern. It is because exercising elevates the body temperature that is detrimental to sleep. This is not true. Exercising keeps the body exhausted which can work as a natural tranquilizer and help one to sleep better. A workout before half an hour to sleep is known to induce a better quality sleep than those who do not. As for the elevated body temperatures, a quick cold shower will do the trick. However, one must be cautious that there must be a ten to fifteen minutes gap between the workout and the shower.

Often workout sessions have shown increase in the amount of adrenalin and brain activity. Many an individual has difficulty in “winding down” because of these events. Therefore, it is advised not to directly jump on the gun and do bouts of vigorous workouts just before sleep. Moreover, such individuals should seek medical counsel about their sleeping patterns and lifestyle to ensure a healthy life ahead.

Morning Exercises: Facts and Figures

It is general misconception that exercising in morning would ensure good health. It should be exercising in all. However, time does matter about the nature of the exercise. In the morning, the body is especially devoid of carbohydrates. So having some aerobic exercises in the morning like light yoga, brisk walking, cycling, swimming can use the pent up body fats to produce the energy. This process can be actually helpful in losing the dangerous visceral fat, which is known to cause serious ailments like diabetes, coronary disorders, high blood pressure, bad lipid profiles and many more.

Another feature that can ensure an active and fruitful day is the practice of meditation and some breathing techniques. They help to organize the brain activity and negative vibes. Therefore, they help an individual to propel towards a positive attitude and channelize the brain waves towards a fruitful and satisfying day ahead.

Tips to have a good sleep after a workout

  • As said earlier a cold shower post workout session is useful for a good night’s sleep. It is advised to keep the temperature to 55 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler. The shower must be quick; else, there might be possibility of catching cold.
  • The cool down should be gradual as explained before to maximize the best quality in the sleep after the workout.
  • Bedroom should not be considered as the best place to pre bedtime exercise. It should be used only for sleeping, meditation, light reading and other bedroom related activities.
  • A deep breathing technique should be applied just before bed or immediately after the work out session to enhance a better quality in sleeping the pattern.
  • There are many calming supplements, which can be used like various aromatic oils, or room sprays. The oils can either be sprinkled over the pillows or can be vaporized using a vaporizer to candle.

The exercise pattern is dependent on an individual’s capacity to take in. It is always advisable to have a prior session with a personal trainer or a medical consultant to understand the body pattern and needs before hopping out on any workout regimes.