Lice are pests that survive on our blood. Once they have started invading your scalp, they start expanding their community by laying eggs and multiplying exponentially. Their presence in the head is quite harmful as they can make the hair brittle and also cause severe irritation of the scalp. Since lice can get transferred from one person to another easily, people usually avoid those who have lice in their heads. The situation becomes quite embarrassing when a single louse is spotted in your head.

Lice do not form on their own. They get transferred from one person to another when two people come in contact with each other. These pestering elements are so clever that even jump a few heights to reach out to the other person. Every week they expand exponentially, which results into large numbers of lice on your head that can suck your blood and also make the person go bald in few months.

Lice treatment shampoos are readily available in the drug stores. There are few renowned medicated shampoos that are solely meant for the problem of lice in the head. So if you can go and buy one from the druggist then it is good. But if you are a little creative person who never wants to apply chemicals to the hair, then going organic is the best solution for you.

Here are few of the best lice treatment approaches which would make these pests disappear from your hair quite fast.

Indian Tulsi Or Basil Leaves Mask

Indian Tulsi or basil leaves are considered to be purely herbal and with its umpteen antibacterial and antifungal properties, they can treat the hair problems from the root. Pluck few basil leaves and dry them under the sun for 3-4 days. When the leaves are completely dried, crush them into fine powder. You can use this powder along with curd and vinegar for a hair mask. This mask can irritate the lice present in the hair and the effect of curd and vinegar in the hair can make it nourished as well.

You can also use the juice of tulsi leaves to rinse your hair. The juice of fresh tulsi leaves is equally irritating for the pests on your hair.

Onion Hair Mask For Lice Treatment

Onion has good amount of sulfuric acid present in it. Sulfuric acid is harmful for the lice and dandruff and hence they do not tend to stay longer on the head which imparts the smell of onion. Grind an onion and strain the juice. Mix the juice of mint leaves to the onion and apply on the hair. Shampoo your hair properly to get rid of the smell of onion.

Garlic Paste Mask

Garlic works on the same principle as onion. Soak 10-12 cloves of garlic in water and crush them into a fine paste. Add yogurt, onion juice and mint juice to the garlic paste and apply it to the scalp. Let the mask soak into the scalp for thirty minutes after which you can wash off with shampoo followed by a rinse with plain water and vinegar solution.

With these home remedies, you can get rid of lice in your head in just few weeks. Follow these and help yourself from the menace of lice!