9. Oat Flour

If you are looking for a natural ingredient that can add strength to your hair along with thickening the same, oat flour is a great choice in this regard. Various kinds of hair problems including hair fall and hair loss can be combated with oat flour. After shampooing your hair, you definitely use a conditioner for conditioning your hair. Add some oat flour to the conditioner. Each time you use the conditioner, do this. Apply the conditioner to the freshly shampooed hair. Leave it like that for some time. Use lukewarm water to wash the conditioner for best results.

10. Hibiscus Oil Mask

This natural flower mask helps in making the hair shinier, softer, smoother as well as thicker. It helps in adding volume to limp-looking hair and also works wonders on hairs with split ends. Take some hibiscus flowers and make a paste from them. Take some coconut oil and heat it and add the paste of hibiscus flowers in it. Fenugreek seeds can also be added to the oil for better results. Heat the oil till the fenugreek seeds split and the cool it. The oil can be stored in a bottle and applied once weekly. Thick and healthy hair is guaranteed on using this herbal remedy.

All the ingredients that are mentioned above are readily available and easy to apply. Getting thicker, voluminous and healthy hair is made easy!