Ways To Decorate A Large Wall In Living Room : If you have to choose a spot in your house where you can dedicate your soul and heart into decorating, the living room would definitely be at the top of the list. Decorating a living space includes the aesthetic beauty and functionality of the area. It considers how often you entertain guests therein, whether you like it subtle or bold and the dimensions of your living room. Larger space has large canvases to put up a delightful show. That is to say the large walls can be decorated to add visual focus to the room. Check out our collection of living room wall decor will highlights key elements in living room wall decoration.

Glamorous Metal Wall Art For Decorating Living Room

A simple modern living room can be transformed into a stylish entertaining hub with a glam touch. Wall arts with metallic finishes and unique shapes clustered on the brown wall leaves a mark of glamour to the room.

Decorate living room walls

Unique Wall Decoration For Simple Living Room

You need not spend lots to achieve the perfect look in your living room. Adorn the large walls of the living room with old leather belts, a mirror and a small photo frame.

Decorating Living Room Walls

Lovely Blue Living Room With Pictureless Wall Frame

The living room has been given a touch of soft blue imitating the sea. You may have never imagined a pictureless wall art to make the focal point of this lovely place.

Modern living room wall decoration

Vibrant Red Wall Painting For Chic Living Room Design

The accent wall of this large living hub is painted in tricolor for adding warmth to the space. A large red colored abstract painting further enhances the look of this room.

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Beautifully decorated living room walls

Square Mirror Collage Wall Decor

A lovely mirror collage is set on the large textured wall of the brown living room. The unique assembly of mirrors makes the fabulous impact.

How to decorate living room walls

Living Room With Colorful Wall Painting

A colorful living room always seems to lend a cheerful atmosphere. The white washed wall is uniquely colored with a lovely painting having a mix of dozens of colors.

Decorating living room wall

Photo Display On Striped Wall

A minimalistic approach often gathers a number of compliments due to its simple yet crisp appeal. Three photo frames hung across the bold striped wallpaper in grey looks awesome.

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Ways to decorate living room walls

Textured Stone Stacked Living Room Walls

Let the walls of the large living room have some exotic appeal and edgy texture. The stone stacked walls add a chic appeal to the grey living room.


Contemporary Living Room With Panel Design

A contemporary theme in the living room looks modish. Use some wooden panels to make an alluring and natural accent wall décor.

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World Map Wall Decal For Modern Living Room

At the first glance the red leather furniture may seem to be a hot spot in this room, but have you taken time to gaze at the wondrous wall decor?

Unique styled living room wall decor