Whether you are moving into a new house or simply renovating the existing place of living, you would always want to keep it stylish. Nowadays house renovation has become a very tricky task as each one of us wants to bring that definitive magic into the rooms of the house in order to make it look different and unique as compared to others.We have different rooms in our house and each room is composed of different elements. The decoration of each room plays an important role as the interior decor of rooms can impact largely on the atmosphere of the house. While we use several accessories to make the room look more beautiful, there are many simple things which we leave unknowingly.

You might not have wondered much about the walls of your house. You can do a lot of things on the walls of different rooms in the house, be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. Each room’s wall can signify something and accordingly the walls can be decorated either with accessories or with colors and palettes.

Wall Decoration For Living Room

Living room is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the house, as it provides space for the conglomeration of both the housemates and guests. Therefore this part of the house has to be very well decorated and well maintained. There can be numerous ways by which you can add magic to your living room. Accessorizing the living room can be one of the ways to make it look unique from the other parts of the house, but if you want to start from the basics or do not have much space to add various accessories, then you can bring the changes to the walls of the living room.

Decorate Living Room Walls With Paintings On Wall

Wall paintings are much in demand nowadays as these can bring life to a plain wall as well. A plain white wall when loaded with subtle and simple wall paintings can make it look lively and joyful.

Living room wall decoration


Creative Images For A Magic

You can even use creative images on your living room wall which are colorful and contrasting to the room’s architecture. This way of wall designing can bring both old and contemporary designs together. Such designs can largely add a magic to your living room.



Landscape Wall Hangings For A Colorful Look

The living room can be made gorgeous with the addition of landscape wall decorations in the background. Several 3-D wall paintings and decals are available that can change the entire way your living room looks.

Living room wall decor


Go For Colorful Wallpapers

Colorful wallpapers are a great way to enhance the way your living room appears. Wallpapers are nowadays a very new trend that makes the drawing room quite colorful.



Giant Clock On The Wall To Keep In Pace With Time

A giant clock like structure instead of a solid wall in the living room would be a creative idea to go for.



Wall Mount LCD To Make Your Living Room Look Structured And Furnished

A wall mount LED in the living room can also change the look of the interior in a large way. Although having a LED is not a big thing nowadays, arranging it in the right way can bring a big difference. You can slant the TV a bit for a change.


Your Own Photos In A Gist To Summarize Your Life

Hang your own photos in the living room on the wall with the help of clips and strings. This is a unique and cute way to make the living room beautiful.

Place pictures on walls


Textured Wall Living Room- A Touch Of Sophistication

A textured wall in the living room makes the room appear more beautiful and sophisticated. Go for one side of the wall with such a textured pattern.

Textured wall


Contrast Walls To Make The Living Room Colorful

A colorful wall can bring life to a boring and mundane living room. Use different shades on the walls of the living room. Choose contrasts for a change.

Living room walls

A Wall Quote That Speaks Volumes Of Your Home

Wall decals that read a quote can be creative. These wall decals can give an artistic touch to the living room.

Wall quotes for living room wall decor


Other than the living room, we have different other rooms in our house. The bedroom is yet another place which is one of the most used. The bedroom wall can be decorated with several accessories and colors. Since this is one of the private parts of your house, the bedroom should be decorated precisely keeping in mind the choice of the people sharing the bedroom.