Are you looking for some do-it-yourself remedies to eradicate bed bugs from your house? Yes, there are many effective and toxin free remedies that you can try to eliminate bed bugs. You should approach a pest control professional only if you find these remedies are not sufficient to get rid of bed bugs.  Even if these little creatures are not known to spread any serious diseases, the biting of bed bugs might be irritating and create skin infection. Bed bugs cannot be eliminated only through good housekeeping.

Even the posh restaurants and hotels face the problem of bed bugs as these insects can hide anywhere like the crevices of mattresses, in bedding, bed frames, box springs and on headboards. These little insects cannot be detected easily because of its nocturnal nature and small size. You can understand the presence of bed bugs if there are small blood stains or dark spots on your bedding and mattresses. Besides, these insects emit a musty sweet odor and leave molted skins and eggs near the infested areas. You can try any of these toxin-free methods to eradicate bed bugs:

Toxin Free Bed Bug Treatment Methods To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Steam Treatments To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you are facing the problem of bed bugs at your home, you will not find any better toxin-free remedy than thermal treatment to eradicate them. This non-toxic, non-chemical method is effective to eliminate bed bugs and their nymphs and eggs. Using this method, steam will penetrate to all the infested areas like mattresses, wall cavities and cracks and crevices of other items that are difficult to reach.

Rosemary Oil To Repel Bloodsucking Bed Bugs

There are several natural oils help to eliminate bed bugs and rosemary oil is one effective non-toxic remedy to control bed bugs.  The particular aroma of this substance is suitable to repel insects like bed bugs. Simply spray the oil in the bed bug infested area to keep them away from the living areas. Several sprays are available in the market with rosemary oil as the prime ingredient to eliminate bed bugs.

Hot Water Wash To Eradicate Bed Bugs

It is advisable to wash infected clothes at high temperatures and dried them under the sun as excessive heat and sun rays can kill bed bugs. Adding a little neem water or eucalyptus oil to wash clothes is also effective.

Lemongrass To Kill Bed Bugs And Its Eggs

If you want to kill bed bugs, its nymphs and eggs, then use the powder of lemon grass. It is an effective and non-toxic home remedy to get rid of the issue of bed bugs.  The best benefit of using lemongrass oil to eradicate bed bugs is that it can raise the acidic level inside these bloodsucking insects at a great level. When you use lemongrass powder or oil, bed bugs need better conditions to survive.

Clove – An effective spice to kill bed bugs

Clove is another effective home remedy to kill bed bugs in the toxin-free way. The pungent smell of this common spice and its oil are acidic due to an active ingredient called Eugenol that kills bed bugs and eradiate them. Regular exposure of your mattresses and clothes to clove oil can help to get rid of the problem of bed bugs.

Source : Bed Bugs Treatments Guide