Apart from giving a tangy flavor to your chips and adding a punch of savor to the food that you eat, tomatoes are beneficial for the body in a number of ways. This citrus fruit is incredibly versatile and can be used in number of dishes in a variety of cuisines from all over the world. During our school, we learnt a lot about the Vitamin K and its natural storehouse being the tomatoes. Vitamin K helps in blood coagulation and therefore it is one essential vitamin that cannot be harnessed by the body on its own. The calorie content of a medium sized tomato is 22 cal, with zero grams of fat and few amounts of sodium, fiber and carbohydrate. Apart from Vitamin K, tomatoes also contain several other vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, RDA of calcium and iron.

You eat a lot of veggies and fruits in your daily life. But including a portion of tomato serving in the form of salad can be one of the best diet plans you can have in a day. The goodness of tomatoes are summed up below to give you a clear picture on the type of fruit tomato actually is.

Tomato Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

Tomatoes have Vitamin B6, niacin and folate in them which are highly beneficial for decreasing the risk of heart diseases. Different researches all over the world have proved that people who consume 7 to 10 servings of tomatoes remain at less risk of heart disease than those who did not consume tomatoes.

Tomatoes Make Your Skin Shining

We all know that tomatoes are loaded with the goodness of several vitamins which make it one of the best products for enhancing the flow of blood in the body. As the blood flow in the body is enhanced, the skin starts appearing attractive and full of life.

Tomatoes To Prevent Cancer

You must be raising eyebrows whether tomatoes can actually help to ward off cancer. The answer is yes! People eating tomatoes regularly can lessen the risk of certain cancers. Stomach, lung and prostate cancers are few of the types which can be prevented on tomato consumption. Lycopene present in tomatoes is considered to be the reason why the fruit appears red. Lycopene is responsible for creating the protective layer that controls cancer. If tomatoes are consumed with healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil, the chances of lycopene getting absorbed within the body also is doubled.

Tomato As A Weight Loss Helper

 Tomatoes can be a very good ingredient on your dining table. A herb salad prepared from tomatoes and other green veggies is the best thing you can have. The garden fresh tomato serving on your table improvises your health with the goodness of several vitamins.

Tomato As An Antioxidant

Carotene, Vitamin E and Vitamin A can enhance the antioxidant level in the body. Vitamin C, which is the major component of tomatoes are also known for their property of being an antioxidant. Regular intake of tomatoes can make you immune to several diseases like cold, flu, anemia and even cancer.

All these benefits make tomato one unique choice among the fruit community.