The endosperm or water that you find within coconuts are so tasty and refreshing that it can give you loads of energy even if you are walking under the scorching sun. It is not just your way to getting a delightful and refreshing drink but it is the nature’s very own hydration secret that gives the body plenty of nutrition and hydration together! You can’t ask for anything else if you are given a glass of coconut water after a tiring day! Such is the power of a water that comes out of a fruit less known for its beautiful appearance.

Coconut water contains highly concentrated minerals in it which is packed with nutritional contents. The mature coconuts are brown in appearance and the inner shell is white. There is less water in these coconuts as they have already ended up forming the white eatable portion found inside it. The immature coconuts which are green in color contain water in full amount and can be consumed directly.

How Coconut Water Is Helpful For The Body

  1. Coconut water is filled with Vitamin C and therefore it can quench any person’s thirst along with fulfilling the daily dose of Vitamin C requirement. This tasty water is also a rich source of electrolytes which has less fat and cholesterol in it.
  1. Potassium is an element that is required by the body in required amounts every day. When we talk about potassium, the first things among fruits that comes to the mind is banana. You would be astonished to learn that 12 ounces of coconut water contains around 700 mg of potassium which is much higher than the 500 mg of potassium that is obtained from one full ripe banana. To compensate with the amount of beverages and caffeinated drinks we consume in a single day, the consumption of adequate potassium is highly necessary. This condition is fulfilled by coconut water in a large way.
  1. Coconut water gives complete nutrition and it also helps to control diabetes and the problems of kidney stone. Sometimes coconut water is also beneficial for reducing cancerous elements in the body.
  1. Coconut water is very good for weight loss as it can control the metabolic rate of the body. The more you sweat and the higher is your metabolism rate, the better are your chances of losing weight. Coconut water consumed regularly ensures that the body mass is controlled or rather reduced.
  1. This no ordinary water is highly helpful in providing a natural glow to the skin and this water can be consumed to ensure that the skin shines with all its glow.

Coconut water is a great element for the skin care regime. Smearing coconut water on the skin can also help to get rid of skin problems like dryness, patchy skin, pimples, under eye rings etc. It nourishes the skin and brings a glow in it. Scars and itchy skin problem is also healed by coconut water. You can apply this water directly to the skin. Coconut water drunk regularly can help fasten the metabolism which also results in pure blood and a pimple free skin.