Adding some stylish pops of colors to a bathroom decoration is common but a difficult task to do. Choosing a color to match the surroundings and complementing it with stylish and colored accents is indeed a job of an expert. Get advice and tips from the experts to design your bathroom in a colorful splash. If you have small bathing spaces, convert them into vibrant and fresh places with a colorful decor. Don’t be afraid to use brighter and warmer shades in your bathroom, they add a sense of coziness in the bathroom. Use neutral shades with little sheen for the walls and add pops of accessories in bright colors. This tactic will create an appreciating look inside the bathroom. Follow us while we guide you towards decorating your bathroom in exotic colors.

Dark Purple Bathroom For Stunning Decor

The shades of purple from the color palette lend a very cool and attractive appeal to the bathroom interiors. Create your own mix of patterns in the same hue to get bathroom that looks stunning.

Stylish purple bathroom interior

Bathroom Accent Wall With Multicolored Stripes

If you do not prefer painting your entire bathroom with flashy colors the try your hands on with accent walls. The multicolored striped wall behind the large pedestal sinks and long frameless mirror owns a bright appeal in the all white bathroom.

Striped bathroom walls

Popping Red Floor For Exotic Bathroom Appearance

Painting the walls of the bathroom in deep colors is a common trend but keeping the walls plain with popping floor tiles is very exotic. Get creative by adding colored border above the wainscoting for extra beauty to the décor.


Aqua Blue Bathroom Wallpapers For Modern Look

The damask wallpaper in the bathroom adds a luxurious feel to the atmosphere. The aqua blue shade creates a refreshing water-like calmness in the bathroom area. Adding tints of white accessories enhances the appearance even more.


Earthy Shades In Bathroom

Large contemporary bathrooms are decorated using subtle earthy brown shades to impart a stylish appeal. The gradient color combination from brown paint to cream wallpaper creates a marvelous visual appeal.

Cool bathroom interior

Feminine Bathroom Design With Pink Tones

Add feministic charm to your bathrooms with tones of pink. The soft pink walls are adorned with white sanitary ware and accessories. The deep pink mosaic background in the shower area looks prettier.

Feminine Bathroom Design With Pink Tones

Colorful Bathroom For Lively Decoration

Colorful appearance of a bathroom makes the environment look lively and enticing. The colorful striped window treatment, area rug and shower curtain, the popping towels, pink toiletries combined with fresh flowers makes the decor very entertaining.

Colorful bathroom design with colorful accessories also

Bright Wall Paints In Kids Bathroom

Kids are always excited about their whereabouts and surroundings. Painting their bathrooms in bold and bright hues with cute accessories let them grow in style and pride.

Bright kids bathroom

Yellow And Grey Bathroom Color

If you want your bathroom to shine in sophistication, apply shades of yellow to warm up your bathroom milieu. Golden yellow is a perfect shade when you have to reflect light in your tiny, less lighted bathroom while grey adds a fancy appeal.

Tips for Colorful Bathroom « Find Interior Ideas

Magenta And Yellow Contrasting Bathroom Color Scheme

Magenta is a bold shade to sport in the bathroom. Selecting the appropriate accents to have dark shades and combining them with delightful contrast like yellow can works wonders in bathroom.


Red Floral Wallpaper For Beautiful Bathroom

Patterns when added to the bathrooms add more aesthetic value to the area. It might get too crowded if you cover the entire space with the patterned wallpaper so wrap just the upper portion of the walls for stylish appearance.


Lime Green Bathroom For Cool Effect

Lime green tone in the bathroom creates a fresh mood and adds cooling effect to the visitors. To keep up with the natural color scheme the floor is patterned with leaves and flowers.

Small bathroom interior decor

Colorful Bathtub Surround Tiles For Cheerful Look

Combine a handful of dark shades in the bathroom as backsplash for sinks or tub surrounds. Colors lend a cheerful appearance and using darker shades add edge to the decor.


Cozy Peach Bathroom With Little Pattern

The little variations on the walls of the peach color bathroom add cuteness to the bath. The dark brown floating shelves attract attention in the subtle bathroom space.

Charming bathroom interior

Romantic Red Bathroom Designed For Newly Weds

If you are just married and planning to renovate the house or design a new place, red must be your color of choice. It spices up your romantic life and adds warmth to the bathroom atmosphere.

Romantic bathroom interior decor

Gleaming Two Toned Orange White Bathroom

The bathroom gleams in the shade of orange and white color adds delicate elegance to the décor. The dual toned bathroom is simple yet enduring.

White orange bathroom interiors

Popular Black And White Bathroom Scheme

Layout your bathroom in the popular color scheme of the bold black and the serene white. The checkered floor with white subway tiles and smart lighting look very appreciating in smaller bathrooms.

Black and white bathroom interior decor

Bathroom With Bold Black Wallpaper

Small apartment bathrooms look chic in bold color schemes. The patterned black wallpaper and golden framed mirror adds a wow factor to the bathroom. The wooden flooring may also be replaced with white tiles for crisp appeal.


White And Violet Wall Colors For Eclectic Bathroom

Make your petite bathroom look eclectic with stylish white and violet diagonal tiles on the walls. The antique chandelier and wall decals make the bathroom reviving and gorgeous.

Charming white purple bathroom interior design

Golden Bathroom Color For Luxurious Aura

Luxury means gold. Opting for soft gold hues in the bathroom is an excellent idea to add luxury and glow in the bathroom. The two toned effect and the awesome accents play a vital role in decoration of the bathroom.

Bright Golden bathroom interiors

The variety of ceramic tiles and stunning bathroom furnishing that flaunt the markets will aid you in this eventful coloring adventure for your bathroom. Stimulate the look of your bathroom with colorful splash in bright or pastel hues.