All women desire to have glowing, smooth and attractive skin. Every man should appreciate women with such a beautiful skin. Besides, radiant and flawless skin is a symbol of good health and makes people confident. However, a lot of women and men face distressing skin problems like pimples and acne. The best way to get rid of these skin conditions is trying natural remedies. They are effective and at the same time no need to spend a fortune to solve these skin issues. Trying natural remedies is also safe for skin unlike chemical based beauty and cosmetic products. Here are some of the quick ways to treat pimples and acne naturally.

Steam To Reduce Pimples

An effective way to reduce pimples on your face is apply steam. It is important to cleanse your face regularly to prevent the formation of pimples and acne. Use a cleansing milk to clean your face and scrub it using a soft face scrub. Then apply steam to your face for nearly 10 minutes. Steaming not only improves blood circulation but also helpful to cure pimples quickly.

Use Ice To Heal Pimples Fast And Reduce Inflammation

If there are too many pimples on your face and cause inflammation, then you can reduce them by using ice. Rubbing ice on the pimple affected areas several times in a day is a wonderful home remedy to get rid of pimples and minimize inflammation. Using ice is also helpful to remove dirt from the skin pores and close them up. Simply rub ice cubes on your face to reduce pimples.

Aloe Vera To Control Pimple Formation

People have been realized the health and beauty benefits of aloe vera since ancient times.  The gel of this plant has so many beauty benefits and can make wonders on your skin. Men and women who face the problem of pimples and acne can get quick relief by applying aloe vera gel on the affected area. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of this plant make it an excellent home remedy to treat many skin breakouts. Simply apply the gel of aloe vera on pimples directly to get rid of this skin complaint.

Kill Bacteria On Pimples Using Mint

One can treat their skin issues like pimples and acne using some kitchen ingredients. Mint is one such great ingredient that you can easily find in kitchen to get rid of pimples and acne. Regular application of mint juice over the pimple affected areas on the skin and massage the area with the juice can reduce acne and pimples considerably. This herb has the ability to kill germs on the skin and provide a cool and fresh look to it. Simply massage your skin using mint juice in the morning to get smooth and pimple-free skin.

Control Pimples On Skin With Garlic

Garlic is another great kitchen ingredient that can make amazing effects to the skin. Garlic has many health benefits if you consume it internally.  You can also enjoy great results if you apply it externally to treat some skin complaints like pimple and acne. What all you need to do to control pimples on the skin is just massage a few garlic cloves after cut them over the skin. Although it is smelly, it is highly effective to treat acne and pimples. So, take advantage of garlic to treat these skin issues in the natural way.

Dry Out Excess Oil On The Skin And Cure Pimples Using Toothpaste

Applying toothpaste on the pimples helps to heal them because the sodium fluoride in it dry out the excess oil on the skin and clear pores that are blocked. It is also great to reduce inflammation and lessen the blemishes on the skin faster. Just apply plain toothpaste on pimples for about 15 minutes. Use warm water to rinse it well.

Witch Hazel To Control Pimples And Acne

Using Witch Hazel is a great remedy to control acne and pimples because of the antibacterial anti-inflammatory compounds present in it. In order to combat pimples, get the extract of Witch Hazel and apply that to the pimples for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with water thoroughly. For people who search for quick way to cure pimples can try this remedy.

Apply Apple And Honey Mask To Prevent Pimples And Acne

Regular application of apple and honey mask can reduce pimples and acne on your skin to a great extent. Grate apple pulp and combine that with honey to make a paste. Apply this mask on your face for about 20 minutes. Use warm water to wash off the mask.  You can get rid of pimples and acne fast in the natural way with the combination of apple and honey.