Foodies find multitude options to delight their taste buds by exploring the beauty of food from each and every edible aspect of nature, be it from the bushy greens of herbs or endless discoveries from deep sea. Food fetish has led man to explore pabulum from the sea which is something to die for. Let us look at some of the delectable dishes from the sea, served right here on a platter that brings an enchanting delight to every foodie or in case you are the host, makes you the center of attraction of your party.

Sea Food Recipes That You Should Never Miss

Crab Soup

A buttery, soul-soothing and rich crab soup that can be accompanied with mouth-watering salads or tuna sandwiches on a cold winter evening or a rainy afternoon. The soup combines strong flavors of onion, parsley and pepper with white crab meat. You can delight your loved ones in no time. It just takes 25 minutes!

Fish Cakes

Deliciously char-grilled fish perfectly flaked and mixed with potato, spring onions, butter, parsley and seasoning to create pure magic on the breakfast table. Shallow fried fish patties will just melt in your mouth and tingle your senses for a long time.

Lobster Risotto

The dish is ridiculously easy and surprisingly yummy to eat! The lobster risotto is a tender treat with dominant flavor of lobster over the other ingredients. The shells should be simmered for the chicken broth to be soaked up and can be cooked with rice and peas in butter.

Shrimp-stuffed Shells

It cannot get better than this! Purely delicious and truly Italian in flavor, this one is a saucy variety for your pasta menu. As the pasta bakes, the shrimps cook in potato starch in the pasta shells which does not let the shrimps get overcooked. A fool-proof recipe to surprise your loved one in just about an hour.

Salmon with Roasted Asparagus

An enticing spread of salmon and asparagus! Throw in some balsamic vinegar, tomatoes for the tangy appeal and potatoes for a nice and filling dish. Garnish with lots of basil leaves and serve plentiful to your guests because they will definitely adore this one. With a preparation time of less than 20 minutes, this dish is surely going to win over the hearts of your loved ones.

Tuna Sweet Potato Jackets

A wonderful standby supper with a heavenly mix of tuna baked with sweet potato and served with a fresh and spicy topping. This one is low on calories and easy on your pocket with just 30 minutes of preparation. Flaked tuna stuffed in potatoes and garnished with coriander and yogurt dressing is something to die for!

Prawn Spring Rolls

Prawns are the kings of the sea and there is nothing that tastes more delicious than these tiny threaded creatures. Spectacular and healthy, the prawn spring rolls can be relished as an afternoon snack or even a light dinner with some chili sauce. This one will be a fast moving dish on your table, delighting the guests with its simple but elegant charm and taste.

These sea food recipes are sure to make your guests dribble over. Make sure you have kept more of these dishes handy, in case they ask for more!