We live in an era where perfect is measured in terms of packs of six and eight. Flashboard flat abdomen is the current urban dream.  The more elusive this dream becomes, the harder is the path to achieve it. It is because we lead a sedentary lifestyle where the major work is done on a tabletop without any physical activities. The stress on top of it adds as an icing to the cake of stomach fat depositions. Stress leads to secretion of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for fat deposits in the belly region. The other added factors that lead up to fat accumulation in the abdomen areas are fast food and lack of physical activities and exercises.

Secret to Flat Abs

Technically speaking there is no short cut to lose stomach fat per say any fat. However, the easy and fruitful way to achieve the perfect abs is simply to follow a routine of well-balanced nutritious diet and a good mount of exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This is what constitutes the ‘secret to flat abs.’

Researchers have concluded that fat deposits can be of two types:

  • Under-Skin Fat: As the name suggests, the fat is deposited just under the skin. It has more of a cosmetic value and burning of this kind of fat is a much easy deal.
  • Visceral Fat: The vital organs in our body cavity are surrounded by fat. It is to prevent any potential damage to the organs caused due to any kind of shock. It is also present to use it up in any kind of crisis like starvation or mal nutrition. However, when the amount of visceral fat increases more than required, trouble starts to pop up in the form of ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac issues and many more.

Out of the above two type’s visceral fat is more dangerous and hence harder to get rid of.

Food Habits for a Lean Stomach

  • The first food habit that should be kicked out of routine is the consumption of sugar. Sugar laden foods and beverages like sweet carbonated drinks, cakes and pastries, etc. It is because the sugar in this beverages and foods are metabolized by the liver and turned into fat if not used in the form of heavy physical activity. It would eventually add up to the stomach fat deposits.
  • The second habit that should be incorporated in food is the consumption of proteins in the form of lean meat like chicken or fish. Red meat like beef or mutton should be avoided as it increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood stream leading to belly fat.
  • The third habit that should be brought into action is the change of cooking oil. The regular mustard or groundnut oil must be replaced with olive or coconut oil. The later have well proven results on stomach fat reduction.
  • The fourth habit that should be introduced is the reduction of carbohydrate from one’s diet. Since most of us normally lead a sedentary lifestyle, therefore, carbohydrate laded meals like potatoes, rice and white flour pasta and bread should be avoided to the best one can. Otherwise, the liver would metabolize them to lipids and fats resulting in belly fat.
  • The last habit that needs to a part of the regular meal plan is to have plenty of fibrous and leafy food. It is because fibers are not easy to digest. Therefore, they remain in the gut for a longer period giving a sensation of fullness. It is because of the feeling of satiety that reduces the appetite and thus the calorie intake.

Lifestyle Habits for a Lean Stomach

  • The first habit is to ensure that an individual gets enough rest in the form of 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This habit helps to boost up the metabolism and use up the stored fat thereby decreasing the amount of body fat.
  • The second habit that one should incorporate is exercising especially in the morning. It is because at night almost of the carbohydrates are used up for performing the vital processes. Therefore, in the morning the energy to exercise would be provided from fat.
  • The third habit is to make use of aerobic exercises to combat the fat loss in the stomach area.
  • The last habit is to tack all the calories that one intake and uses in a day.

A combination of well-balanced diet and exercise is the only way to a flat perfect ab.