“Mom! You turned thirty five? Unbelievable”- shouted her 8 year old son when the cake was brought into the living room. Once the wishing, hugging and other formalities were over, she moved to sit down for a chat with her close friends- the girl’s gang. After some quick pleasantry exchanges one of her friend comes to the point direct and asks her “how she looks young and ravishing even at this age? “With a chuckle, the gorgeous looking lady tells her gang that age and beauty are two different entities. There is no direct or inverse proportionality involved in these two aspects. To look young and beautiful, all one needs to do is to follow quick and quintessential make up tips that will return the radiance to skin and make the person look cheerful and splendid. Extending the girl talks further, here are some quick and easy to follow makeup tricks that can hide one’s age and make them look like a diva:

Remove the Wrinkles and Cover the Greys with Quick Makeup Tips

Colouring Hair Is Fair

Gone are the days when one has to take ammonia die and colour their grey hair into jet black to look young. Today there are plenty of colouring options where one’s hair texture and style can be completely changed over time. All it requires is some patience as the process takes five to six hours where natural colours are ingrained into the hair. After the treatment, permanent colouring stays as long as one cuts their hair. Also it has been noted that, these colouring agents are completely bio safe and there will be no residual damage in the future. Hence the first step to look young is to cover one’s greys.

Supple Skin Is In

As one ages, the skin tone begins to change slowly. From baby texture the skin turns soggy and less supple compared to the younger days. To bring back the softness back, the first makeup one needs to do is to rub generously a portion of moisturiser. It forms the base of any make up as it protects the skin from reacting with the chemicals that are laid on the top layer. Also it makes the skin hydrated and keeps it soft and fluffy.  If the skin is not moisturised from outside and inside it becomes prone to getting fine lines and cracks. The only pinch point in makeup of such kind is the choice of brand that suits one’s skin type.

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Conceal Wrinkles Sprinkle Smiles

Hair done…skin nourishment is also done. What’s next? Yes! Now it’s time to give the skin a magic touch to regain its evenness and flawless beauty. A good concealer can do all the magic one needs to hide the ugly pimple spots, black heads, skin rashes or even scars on face that occur due to wrinkles. A good quality natural colour or slightly yellowish concealer can match the thirty plus skin tone well and hence, will do wonders on the face and neck. Along with this great makeup, one can also undergo a skin tightening treatment and anti-wrinkle treatment to protect the skin from the seven signs of ageing.

Say ‘yes’ To Blushes

Another moment of madness when choosing makeup for a thirty plus would be trying to hide the cheek bones. Generally, when women age the fleshy and bubbly cheeks start to become flat highlighting the cheek bones. Rather than trying to tone down the look, one has to make it their plus point. A correct blush will make up for the high cheek bones. One can try natural skin colour or use a shimmering finish blush to look fabulous in their 30’s or 40’s.

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Let The Eyes Speak First

A killer and impressive look is what every woman want regardless of their age.  And to get a piercing look which will impress everyone around, one should concentrate on their eye makeup as they grow older. The eye make-up starts with eye brows and ends with the lining aspect. If one’s forehead is elongating due to hair fall or they feel they should go for a change in look by altering their eyebrow shapes first. Next is followed by a good quality eye shadow and eye liner which matches the colour of the pupil.  Last a dab of mascara on the eye lashes for making them fuller and thicker will add to the complete look. A well-made pair of eyes also hides the tired look which one gets automatically as they get older.

Eat Well To Stay Nice

Though this is not a make-up tip, but it is bigger and the most important tip to remove the wrinkles and delay the appearance of the greys. It is the most important   one aspect required for staying fresh all the time and this is nothing but eating great food that is healthy and nutrient rich. These contribute for the detoxification of the skin and make one glow like a firefly no matter how old she is physically. These healthy green veggies and fruits will help in removing the toxins from the body thus giving your skin a healthy glow and suppleness from inside. A good exercise routine and healthy eating habits are the major contributors of good skin no matter what one’s age is.

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These makeup tips are shared by experts who style the Hollywood celebrities and divas for their shutterbug reunions. Many of these celebrities despite being in their forties or fifty’s look stunning and hot just with the correct makeup, hair and of course costumes and accessories. Now-a-days there are numerous make up techniques in which one’s look can be changed immensely. Rather than sulking over the wrinkled skin or greys, if one decides to follow their heart and get a makeover from credible salons, they not just look young but can be style icons in the future. A good sense of dressing and style when accompanied by great makeup and smile can send one’s ageing woes to exile!