Getting hot and spicy freshly baked pizza from the pizza joint is perhaps one of the easiest things we do during the lunch time. By the time the clock sets its hour hand past 1 pm, we all head towards the pizza joint which would serve us food at the quickest possible time. Skipping the lunch or choosing something unhealthy for the midday is one of the common habits of the working mass. This practice is also becoming more habitual as the lack of time during work hours is making life overburdened. We do not want to go out looking for something healthy to eat, nor do we have much time to wake up in the morning and prepare our own lunchboxes. Health conscious individuals would relate to the situation who are often caught up between work hours and health.

Therefore cooking a low fat meal is always the best choice. You might not want to eat those unhealthy fast foods, rather enjoy these healthy yet delicious foods which can be prepared within 10 minutes!

Crunchy Wrap OF Tuna Fish

Tuna fish packs oodles of health and good taste in it. You can enjoy tuna fish with a layer of Greek yogurt that makes the dish yummier and doesn’t even add any extra carbs or fat! Take help from a wheat wrap and spread a layer of Greek yogurt all over. Add tuna fish, spinach, salt, pepper and squeeze lemon to the wrap to add a punch of taste!

Steak Sandwich

A steak sandwich is derived from the Greek dish menus which add a tangy taste of ginger paste and a mouth watering tinge of yogurt sauce accomplishes the taste of the dish. The dish can be prepared by using a wheat wrap and adding slices of tomatoes, green and yellow capsicum, chicken and beans.

Pizza Burger Alternate

A healthy option to the unhealthy pizzas and breads that we consume everyday would be a pizza burger prepared at the home itself. Prepare your own pizza burger by taking a whole wheat bun and adding a veg patty, layers of chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and marina sauce to top the stuffing.  If you have a craving for pizzas, then thank this idea to have helped you out in the healthiest possible way!

Avocado And Shrimp Based Tangy Tortilla

A whole wheat bread beaten to round wraps to pack all the goodness is all that you need to make this yummy shrimp and avocado wrap at home! Chopped shrimps, avocado pieces, pepper, salt, lemon juice, chopped onion, cucumber and Greek yogurt are required to fill up the stuffing and make the wrap more tasty and healthy.

Simple Nutritious Veg Salad

You can add anything from your favorites to make your own unique customized salad. Grab a pack of fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and cucumber slices, chickpeas, beans, cabbage, basil leaves, olive oil, a pinch of salt and balsamic vinegar and mix all the ingredients together and prepare a tasty and healthy salad at home.

With all these great lunch ideas, you don’t have to worry more about your health, plus these fabulous food amalgamations just make the perfect thing to satiate your taste buds!