Small bathroom may not look attractive when it is not well organized and well maintained. A proper usage of available space is must for a small room.A small bathroom looks dull and dark. So, it is necessary to add some brightness to the dark zone. For a bright bathroom, white color enhances the texture of walls and makes it look brilliant.Mirrors are excellent reflectors, so install large mirrors in the small bathroom to reflect large amount of light. Mirrors also help in illustrating a small room into larger one.  Also, glasses in the shower area look marvelous and adds to the brightness by letting the light to come inside the shower area from outside. If white tiles and light colors don’t suit your taste then one can go for dark colored tiles. Dark colored tiles look classy. A mixture of dark colors with bright colors makes the bathroom appear fascinating. Addition to the bright colors, some trendy fixtures of lights looks alluring. A rustic color gives the bathroom a country traditional look.An exclusive shower with small notches for storage fitted just above the mosaic tiled bath tub looks fantastic with designer vanity sink and wall shelves.

Contemporary Bathroom With Small Space

White shaded tiles brightens the shower area with black faucets adding beauty to the bathroom with granite counter top vanity sink creates space for storage.


Enticing White Colored Bathroom

A well-organized small bathroom equipped with a bath tub and simple vanity sink looks pleasing.


Modern Small Bathroom With Traditional Accessories

A stylish round curtain covering the white bath tub compliments the blue colored walls and white vanity sink.


Corner Space Utilization In The Small Bathroom

A rectangular bath tub with shower curtain and storage cabinets in the corner and in the vanity sink makes spacious bathroom.


Captivating Small Bathroom Arrangement

A combination of grey and white tiles in the shower area with transparent curtain compliments the black storage cabined vanity sink.


Small Space Luxurious Bathroom

A large mirror and cream tiles with white corner bathtub brightens the small bathroom with wooden flooring.


Exclusive Black And White Themed Bathroom

A black and white themed bathroom with a shower space eye catching zone wall decor.


Small Compact Organized Bathroom

A glass door shower area and an organized space for washing machine in the small bathroom looks amazing with a wooden touch finish.


Bathroom With Pleasant Look

A designer shower area with vanity mirror and wooden framed mirror above the sink looks classy refreshed with fresh flowers.


Compact Design with Utilized Corner

A quartered corner glass shower area with grey tiles and other corner with toilet utilize the space excellently making the small bathroom spacious.


Exotic Spa Ready Blue Bathroom Theme

Brilliant blue colored tiles and white counter top with glass sink and huge mirror make the small bathroom spa ready with a bath tub filled with Luke warm water.


Mosaic Styled Rustic Bathroom Theme

A corner glass shower area with mosaic tiles and wooden finished mirror and storage cabined vanity sink looks rustic with stony textured flooring.


Modern Stylish Bathroom In Small Space

The black tiles are well complimented with the white sink and bath tub with exquisite faucet gives a contemporary look to the bathroom.


Sunshine Bathroom Theme With Warm Ambience

A designer shower curtain with a beautiful combination of yellow and green color looks appealing with white bath tub and vanity sink.


Designer Bathroom With Fancy Utilities

An exclusive shower with small notches for storage fitted just above the mosaic tiled bath tub looks fantastic with designer vanity sink and wall shelves.


Small bathroom can be made exciting and amazing with few ideas which will give your small bathroom a relatively alluring look. A clean and sophisticated bathroom can look luxurious when it is mess free. Small Bathroom looks messy if the storage area if not designated for the bathing stuff. Vanity sink cabinets and in-built storage space in the bathroom walls saves space in the smaller area, making space available for the bath tub. Bath rugs and shower curtains looks fancyand can fit into the budget. Candles and flowers will sooth the tired senses.

Attractive shower heads and faucets gives splendid look to the small bathroom. Choose wisely the decorative material for the smaller bathroom, they should not be too big and take extra space of the bathroom and not too miniature which will not be interesting. and makes the room appear spacious. A simple idea will convert boring bathroom into a luxurious one.