For long weight loss has been an issue among people who are finding it difficult to maintain the correct body shape. Other than those who are little overweight, maintaining a proper weight and body mass index is also essential for all of us. Tamarind is one of those fruits that have been in debate since it has been introduced as a combatant for weight issues. Tamarindus indica or tamarind is a sour fruit that grows atop a height of 100 feet in big tropical trees. It contains pods in the outer cover which resembles a bean. There are more than 5 or up to 7 pods in a single tamarind. The sour taste of tamarind adds up as a tasty ingredient in different curries and rice. The southern part of India finds enormous usage of tamarind and its seeds in its cuisines. Tamarind also offers various health benefits. It has been also linked up with weight loss and the Malabar tamarind also controls and lowers blood sugar levels in people having diabetes.

Obesity has become more like a non-communicable disease which needs to be uprooted. Among the various medicines that we have around us, we almost forget to take care of the basic things in life which can curb obesity from the root. Diets high in sugar, starch and fat can aggravate obesity and if it is not controlled within time, it paves ways for other diseases like cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes too.

Tamarind For Weight Loss

Tamarind has been associated with weight loss as the enzymes present in it work towards the breaking of the calories present in the body. The high density lipoproteins or HDL are good for the body and our body wants them in more amounts. HDL is actually the good form of cholesterol and tamarind fruit contains the same in adequate amounts. When the good cholesterol level is increased in the body, the bad cholesterol or the low density lipoproteins (LDL) are reduced. As the cholesterol is reduced in the body, half of the problem of weight issues is also solved.

Tamarind can suppress the appetite level in the body by enhancing the level of serotonin neurotransmitter. The increased level of serotonin neurotransmitter can help to burn stored fats during exercising. Hydroxycitric acid or HCA, which is yet another major component of tamarind, speeds up the metabolism. The HCA is found mostly in the rind of the tamarind fruit which prohibits the enzymes in the body that support the storage of fats.

Things To Be Careful Of

Tamarind promotes weight loss, but it can also aggravate inflammatory bowel ailments. Sometimes, excess intake of tamarind can also bring damage to the stomach lining which produces acids, required for digestion. 500 milligrams of HCA consumed through tamarind is considered to be apt. If you are not too sure about consuming raw tamarind, you can also go for tamarind tablets or powders available at the drug stores.

Tamarind is a good and natural way to ensure weight loss. However, exercises are still the first priority when it comes to losing weight naturally.