Lice are parasites that can suck blood from the head and also create several problems. The existence of lice is usually common in school children who come in contact with the children of their same age group. Unfortunately, getting rid of lice is not a day’s job. It takes a lot of time for the problem of lice to get solved as these pestering parasites cling to the surface of the skin and feed on our blood. They reproduce quite fast, which is yet another reason why lice spread in just few days.


Lice are good climbers and therefore they can move from one breeding area to another quite fast. Coming in physical contact with the infected person can also affect you. Apart from that, sharing personal care stuffs with the infected person can also lead to the infestation. Lice appear on the head and stay within the hair quite naturally. Therefore, you may not be able to guess the existence of lice in your head unless you feel like itching your scalp real hard. The most common symptom of the existence of lice is a super itchy scalp with red bumps. You feel like combing them out with a narrow toothed hairbrush but everything seems to go in vain unless you have found something really permanent to treat these pests.

There are several remedies we try out to get rid of lice. Since lice are one of the most common hair problems we have nowadays, their treatment is available commercially. You can go for medicated soaps and shampoos that would give you relief from the problem. However, if you are more of a herbal person and love to do everything in a natural way, then always go for homemade methods that would effectively solve the problem.

Here are the top 7 home recipes that are considered highly helpful in treating the problems of lice from the hair forever.

Go For Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the widest used natural insecticides that are excellent for treating the problems of lice. You can use tea tree oil with your regular shampoo to bring about a change. You can even use tea tree oil with olive oil or coconut oil and massage the same to the scalp and roots of the hair. Apply the mixture of the oil to your hair and allow the same to sit on the scalp for 45 minutes. Wash your hair afterwards with warm water to notice the results. You can even comb out your hair to remove the dead lice that tend to get suffocated with the aroma of strong tea tree oil.

Complete Essential Oil Treatment

An essential oil treatment makes you mix all the essential and effective oils together and form a solution that works as a great a combatant against lice. With the term essential oil, we mean aniseed, nutmeg, clove, neem, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, red thyme, lavender and cinnamon oil taken together in equal proportions and mixed together.  You can use this special concoction to treat the problems of lice and other hair ailments.

Loosening The Egg Hold

Sometimes the eggs of the existing lice can aggravate the situation and make the situation worse. You can loosen the hold of the eggs by rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar or white vinegar after washing it with plain shampoo. The nits of the lice are removed completely with vinegar and the unborn lice are also prohibited from getting developed.

Go For Olive Oil

Olive oil is also considered quite helpful for treating the problems of lice and nits. You can apply a generous amount of olive oil to the hair and massage the scalp thoroughly. Allow the oil to seep through the scalp and spread its goodness over the night. Tie a shower cap to keep the hair in place. In the morning, comb out the lice and rinse your hair with some medicated soap. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil in your conditioner to give better results to the treatment.

Suffocating The Pests With Garlic

The tiny creatures get easily suffocated with the pungent smell of garlic. You can make a paste of garlic by taking 10-12 cloves of the tuber and grinding them all together. You can add drops of eucalyptus oil or rosemary oil to enhance the strength of the concoction. Add few drops of lemon juice to the paste and apply the same generously onto the hair. Coat your hair with the paste and cover it with the help of a shower cap. Rinse with warm water after 1 hour and notice the difference in your hair.

Do It With Listerine

Though the treatment might not be completely herbal, you can bring around some great changes to the quality of your hair through your mouth wash. You can use Listerine to cleanse lice and nits from your hair as well. Apply a layer of Listerine to the hair and follow it up with a layer of white vinegar after one hour. Wash the hair properly with warm water and comb it out to pull out the dead organisms.

Chalk Out Lice With Salt

You can use salt to desiccate the scalp and remove the traces of lice and their eggs from the hair completely. Mix one-fourth of a cup of salt with one cup of vinegar and put the same in a spraying bottle. Use this bottle to spray a generous amount of this solution to the hair and scalp. Tie the hair with a shower cap and allow the solution to sit for an hour or so. Finally rinse every trace of salt from your hair properly. Repeat the procedure in every three days to obtain better results.

All these homely solutions are tested and tried and are known to be highly helpful for killing lice and their associated problems. An effective head lice treatment should ensure that they are removed completely and eradicated so that they don’t come back. Once you are sure that the lice and nits are gone from your head, you can use your normal shampoo and wash your hair in the regular manner.