Your skin should look glowing and radiant to look it attractive. However, dry and dull skin is a common skin issue faced by a lot of people. Nowadays, people are more conscious about the beauty and texture of their skin. A good skin care regiment is essential to improve the health of the skin and make it beautiful. Identify your skin type and take care of it based on its nature.  Several causes make your skin dull like pollution, changes in your lifestyle and environment. There are many natural remedies to transform your dull and rough skin to smooth and attractive. Get rid of dull skin instantly using the following remedies:

Drink Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera has been in use for ages to treat skin and hair because of its unique properties. It has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties that rejuvenate your skin and make it radiant. Add honey into aloe vera gel and use it as a face mask to get rid of its dullness instantly and make it attractive. It is also advisable to drink the juice of this plant in empty stomach in the morning. Do not add sugar in this juice.

Get Bright And Radiant Skin With Honey

An excellent instant home remedy to reduce the dullness of your skin and make it refresh is honey. You can lighten and tighten the skin with this natural ingredient. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties useful to heal different skin problems. By applying the combination of honey and lemon juice, one can control unwanted hair growth on face.

One of the best ways to make your skin radiant and bright is by using the face pack of honey and oatmeal. You can enjoy better results if you add eggs in the pack. If you apply the mixture of honey and cinnamon on your face, it can improve your complexion and make your skin more glowing.

Improve Your Skin Texture With Almonds

Regular use of almonds can make your skin glowing and soft. Include almonds in your diet for nourishing it from inside.  Apply almonds oil every day on your face to improve its texture and complexion.  It is also effective to apply its butter on your face to avoid the dullness of the skin and get a refreshing look.

Brighten Your Skin With Apricots

Make your skin soft and supple with apricots. Rich in Vitamin A, these fruits are effective to brighten the skin and make it radiant. Many people use it as a scrub as it is good to clear the blocked pores. If you would like to get rid of dull skin and obtain a reviving appearance, apply a face mask of apricots. Immerse a few apricots in water overnight and crush well. Add 4-5 drops of olive oil in it and apply on your face as a pack. Wash off after 20 minutes.

Get Beautiful Skin With Chocolate

You can improve your skin texture with dark chocolates. Since chocolates do not have sugar, one can consume it without any doubts to treat the skin. You can also make your skin beautiful using a cocoa mask. For making the mask, add oats, honey and milk into cocoa and mix all the ingredients well. Apply on your face to get rid of its dryness and dullness. So, chocolates are not only to eat, but you can acquire beautiful skin tone with it.

Make Your Dull Skin Attractive With Coconut Oil

With plenty of nutrients, you can make your skin moisturized with coconut oil. If you want to achieve a clear and attractive skin, massage your face and body with this natural oil. You can also make a face pack of coconut oil by adding some honey in it. In fact, this face pack is excellent to make your skin clean, brighter and glowing. There is no doubt that it is an instant remedy to remove the dullness of your skin.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Everybody knows that sufficient drinking of water makes the skin hydrated and healthy. It is important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. You also remember to drink other fluids also like green tea, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, tender coconut water and green juices to achieve glowing and clear skin. Drinking plenty of fluids prevent making your skin dull.

Refresh Your Dull Skin With Lemon

Lemon is a great home remedy to refresh your skin instantly. As an excellent cleansing and bleaching agent, many people use it to improve their skin texture. It is an amazing way to lighten your skin and remove dark spots. Simply apply the juice of lemon on your face if you want to turn your dull skin to attractive. It is easy to make your skin brighter and healthier if you add aloe vera gel and pulp of mango fruits in it. You can remove all toxins in your body and make it glow if you drink a glass of lemon juice in empty stomach in the morning every day.

Heal Your Dull Skin And Make It Glowing With Neem Leaves

You can heal many skin ailments with neem such as dark spots, pigmentation, pimples, acne and other blemishes on it. Applying neem oil on the skin is a fantastic way to clear the skin and tone it. Make a face pack of neem leaves, basil leaves, honey and sandalwood powder to avoid the dullness on the skin and make it radiant.

Eliminate Dullness Of The Skin With Pineapple

If you want to achieve a youthful look with glowing skin, then use pineapple. You can get rid of dead cells and clear the clogged pores using this fruit. Besides, it is an effective way to combat acne. You can instantly reduce the dullness of the skin by applying the juice of pineapple. In order to obtain a glowing and clear skin, just dip a cotton ball into the juice of this fruit and apply all over the face. You can achieve a lighter complexion if you add some carrot juice in it before apply to the skin.