If you remain in the constant fear that your kids may come back home from school with a pack of lice in their heads, then it is the time to stop thinking and start working towards controlling these blood sucking pests. The occurrence of lice in the hair is a common thing and hygiene has got nothing to do with it. Yes, you can eliminate lice after they have started making homes on your head by following the treatment procedures. The common problem of lice is that they multiply quite fast. They don’t require much time to lay eggs and multiply exponentially. Therefore their control is essential before they have staring invading each and every part of the head.

Here are some measures which can be adopted to kill lice and make the head free from these pests.

Coconut Oil For Smothering

Coconut oil is widely accepted as a rich source of nutrition for the hair. It contains lauric acid, capric acid and capryllic acid which are the three main compounds in the coconut oil. Applying this organic oil to the hair eventually kills the lice. You would be required to warm four tablespoons of coconut oil or the amount should depend upon the length and density of your hair. Add few camphor pieces to it and crush them in the oil. Use this oil to massage you hair and wash your hair with medicated shampoo on the next day.

Lemon Juice To Kill Lice

While the aroma of lemon opens up the senses, the case is not same for pestering lice. They do not love the very fragrance of lemons and therefore they tend to run away once they have smelt or felt lemons around. Add the juice of one whole fresh lemon to your scalp and massage it lightly. Sit under the sun, if possible, so that the goodness of lemon seeps inside the roots of the hair. Finally wash off with water.

Egg Protein And Vinegar Solution

Egg is a rich source of protein and the goodness of eggs can be used for giving a good set back to the production and breeding of lice in the head. Beat one egg and separate the yolk from it. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to the egg white and blend it well. Apply the mask on your scalp and massage through the hair. Wash off with plain water after 30 minutes.

Onion Mask For Lice Free Hair

Onions have sulfuric acid in it which can bring tears to the eyes of humans. And if onions can bring tears to the eyes of humans, then what are lice in front of them! Grind around four to five onions in a mixer and add two tablespoons of curd to it. Mix the paste well and apply the mask on your scalp. Use a neat comb to spread the smell of onion throughout the hair. Wash off with water and a good quality shampoo afterwards to reduce the smell of onions.

With all these methods, lice will find no other option to stay on your head, but escape! So go for these and make sure you live an itch-free life!