So, you are also among those busy professionals who can impart good care to your face but always neglect feet due to lack of time? Well, you need nothing but to know a good list of foot scrubs that does not take much of your time. The best thing to know about these scrubs is that they are easy to prepare at home as well as simple to be applied. Even you can watch your favorite daily soap during the time of scrubbing your feet with these home-made natural scrubs. So, check out the list of top home-made scrubs mentioned below which are not only inexpensive but also free from all types of side effects.

Home-made Foot Scrubs To Revive Your Skin Completely

Rice Flour, Milk and Honey Scrub

Rice flour is known as one of the most effective scrubbing ingredient from Indian kitchens. The best thing to know about rice flour is that it has skin lightening effects, secondly the granular texture of this ingredient is perfect for scrubbing your feet. The dead skin in feet becomes a little more dry than other parts of the body; that’s why it is important to use a well working scrubbing agent. Take two teaspoons of rice flour and make a paste of it using sufficient amount of milk. Add 3-4 drops of honey for better results. Apply this paste on feet and leave to dry for about 5 minutes. Start scrubbing slowly when it comes to dry. Wash your feet with lukewarm water afterwards and moisturize your feet after wiping.

Raw Sugar and Lemon Juice Scrub

Next to come in the list of home-made scrubs in raw sugar, lemon juice scrub. You need nothing but to take a tablespoon of sugar and adding some lemon juice in it. Start rubbing it over your feet and continue scrubbing till the sugar granules become smaller and smaller. During the time you scrub your feet with sugar, the dead skin particles are vanished naturally from the skin. use of lemon works to remove all the dust and dirt accumulate on pores of skin. wash with cold water after scrubbing. Raw sugar scrub is capable of moisturizing your feet during the time of scrubbing only.

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Groundnut Flour and Wheatgerm Scrub

Have you ever used wheatgerm for scrubbing? Well, this is really a well working scrub that leaves no side effect upon the skin. On the other hand, groundnut flour is efficient of providing required moisturizing to your feet. Mix a teaspoon of each, groundnut flour and wheatgerm flour together and make a thick paste with water. Apply this paste on your feet for scrubbing.

Lemon, Oatmeal Scrub for Dead Skin

Are you fed up of dead skin of feet? If yes, this special scrub recipe is especially for you. Just take a teaspoon of oatmeal flour and add some lemon juice in it. Prepare a nice paste and start rubbing it on your feet to scrub. This does not only remove all the dead skin but also offer new glow to your feet.

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Sandalwood, Kaolin Clay and Rosewater Scrub

One of the luxurious scrubbing recipes known from the ancient time is paste of sandalwood and kaolin clay. Although, it is better known as a good face pack but using it as a scrub is equally beneficial. You need nothing but to take 2 teaspoons of kaolin clay, and few drops of rose water make good paste of all these ingredients using water. Now, apply this paste uniformly on your feet and allow it to dry. When it comes to dry but not dried well, just start rubbing your feet with hands. The paste will work as a ski n whitening scrub.

Chickpea flour and Linseed Oil Scrub

One more effective ingredient which is used in skin whitening face packs and scrubs is chickpea flour. Take a teaspoonful of chickpea flour and add a few drops of linseed oil in it. Use water for making a paste. Apply it slowly on your feet and rub till the time it starts drying. This scrub is good for being applied in all seasons; it also protects your feet from infection during the rainy season.

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Wheat Flour and Lentil Scrub

Nothing can beat the magic of lentil flour when it comes upon scrubbing and lightening of skin. Take a teaspoonful of wheat flour and lentil flour and mix both the ingredients together. Make fine paste of these flours and apply them on feet gently. Leave this paste to dry for 5 minutes and after that start scrubbing your feet by rubbing it slowly. You can also use lentil flour for preparing a nice fairness pack for your feet.

Orange Peel Powder and Olive Oil Scrub

If you want to add some refreshing herbal effects in your feet scrub recipe, you should try using orange peel powder. For preparing this powder at home, you need nothing but to dry orange peels in shed and then grinding them. Never dry the orange peel in sun as this will snatch away all the fragrance from orange peels. Store it in a glass jar. Whenever you want to scrub your feet, just take a teaspoonful of orange peel powder and make its paste with olive oil. Apply it as a regular scrub on your feet for miraculous effects.

Papaya, Chickpea Flour and Honey Scrub

The best thing you can do for increasing fairness of your feet along with scrubbing is using papaya pulp. Take 2 teaspoonful of fresh papaya pulp and add a teaspoon of chickpea flour in it. Now add about 5 to 6 drops of honey in it. Make fine paste; you need not to add water in it. Now apply it on your feet and leave it to dry. After the paste dries well, start rubbing your feet slowly that will help you to remove all the dead skin and dirt from feet. You are all done with scrubbing your feet.

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Corn-Flour, Milk and Glycerin Scrub

In the list of natural feet scrub, corn flour cannot be forgotten. It is one of the well known ingredients which is easily available in everyone’s kitchen. You will love to know that it can be used simply for scrubbing your feet. You need nothing but just to add a teaspoonful of corn flour with milk and preparing paste. Now add few drops of glycerin in it for better moisturizing effect. You can also add a pinch of turmeric in this paste but make sure that you don’t have any side effect with turmeric.