Of course, a healthy and radiant skin is a sign of the health state of the body. In order to obtain a healthy and glowing skin, it is important to take care of it properly. In fact, proper care of skin helps to prevent blemishes and formation of wrinkles. You must remember to keep it clean to avoid the occurrence of pimples and acne which are main skin problems faced by many people in the world. These skin breakouts make the skin ugly and unattractive. Many reasons are there for the formation of these skin complaints like hormone imbalance, some medication, improper diet and climatic variations. For people who suffer from acne and pimples can get relief from them by following some DIY remedies.

Massage Your Skin With Aloe Vera Gel To Heal Pimples

Excellent medicinal properties of aloe vera plant make it one of the most effective treatments for pimples and acne. People from across the world use this remedy to get rid of dark patches, skin rashes, pigmentation and pimples and acne. In fact, one can use the gel of this plant to heal many of their skin problems. It is also effective to lessen the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. In order to control pimples, gently massage your face with aloe vera gel. After 10 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Reduce Pimples And Acne With Basil Leaves

You can reduce pimples on your face by using the juice of basil leaves. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of basil leaves help to heal pimples and acne quickly. Simply crush a few of these leaves to take its juice and apply that on your pimples and acne. Regular use of this juice on pimples can provide amazing results. You can also add a little honey into the juice of basil leaves for quick and better results.

Apply Mint Juice On Pimples To Control Them

Mint is a common kitchen ingredient and easily available. People who suffer from acne and pimples can reduce them to a great extent by applying the juice of mint. If you have an acne-prone skin, you can enjoy great results with the regular use of mint juice on it. Simply extract the juice of mint leaves by crushing a few of them and apply that direct that to your skin. Besides controlling these breakouts, you can provide a cooling effect to the skin by applying mint juice.

Carrot Juice To Prevent Pimple Formation On Skin

Another great DIY remedy that you can try to control pimples and acne is carrot juice. Being a natural ingredient to heal these skin complaints, many people take the advantages of carrot juice to heal pimples and prevent the occurrence of them on the skin. Grind one carrot after peel it to make a fine paste. This paste is excellent to apply on your face and neck to heal pimples. Let it dry after applying this paste and rub the skin to eliminate the dry carrot from it. If you use this do-it-yourself option every day, you can cure pimples and acquire glowing and scar-free skin.

Heal Pimples Naturally Using Neem Paste

People from across the world have been used neem to get rid of many skin conditions due to its medicinal properties. This wonderful plant can provide many skin benefits as it is antibacterial in nature. By using neem paste, one can eliminate the pimple-causing bacteria on the skin and lighten the acne and pimple scars. Make a thick paste of it by grinding some neem leaves. You can also add a little rosewater into the paste. Cleanse and steam your face and apply this paste on it. The neem extract can penetrate the skin pores and provide a quick relief from these skin breakouts.  Rinse off after half an hour using lukewarm water.

Apply The Fenugreek Paste To Cure Pimples

One can remove skin blemishes and dark marks effectively and quickly by applying the paste of fenugreek seeds. The seeds of fenugreek contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that kill the pimple and acne causing bacteria. This is also effective to lighten the pimple scars, age spots and dark marks on the skin. In order to make the paste of fenugreek seeds, immerse a handful of seeds in water overnight and blend them to make a fine paste after draining the water. Before applying that paste to the pimple affected areas, add 2 tablespoons of rosewater.   Let it stay on the skin around 20 minutes and wash off using clean water.