Woman at any age love the color pink, as if pink, the color is made for them. After all pink is the color of beauty, love, childhood, feminist, sensitivity and charm. Every single girl will surely have some or the other thing in pink color in their room, closet etc. as pink clothes, pink accessories, pink shoes and pink makeup to put on etc.

The pink color is so subtle and youthful that you will never go wrong even if you color your hair in pink. The pink hair color with lot of different shades of pink is so much likable from all women these days. It really doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long or medium in size.

Even many celebrities had already made a fashion statement of their own by coloring their hair pink with beautiful highlights and various hairstyles; many fans are already following them.

If you are one of them and thinking of pink highlights then you must be thinking, which hairstyle will suit you best? Don’t worry! You have numerous hair styles ideas which we will be exploring now.

Fairytale Mermaid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is exactly like a fairytale mermaid hairstyle which you must have dream of when you were a child. Look at the beautiful hair falling with fantastic curls. The color is also very gorgeous with vibrant color pink.

Pink hair highlights women

Straight Hot Pink Hairstyle

Look that the shinny beautiful glows with hot pink highlights. If you too have dark brown hairs then go for hot pink highlights with straight hairstyle. This is gorgeous and unique look any one can have. You will make your own style statement.

Pink highlights black hair

Pink And Purple Hairstyle

The combination of color pink and purple for your curly hair is amazing. The subtle pastel pink color when combined with purple gives a sweet and bright effect to your hairstyle. The hairstyle looks elegant with medium long hair.

Pink purple hair color ideas women

Pink Highlights with Short Hairstyle

The super trendy black short hair with pink highlights gives a perfect girlish look. Black hair with contrast pink bold color gives more dazzling look. Even short hairs too have many options for pink highlights with stunning hairstyles.


Pink Layered Hairstyle

This look gives a simple and yet elegant look with subtle pink layered hairstyle. The hairstyle gives volume to your hair with sweet color of pink.


Rainbow Ribbon Hairstyle

The hairstyle is incredibly wonderful with all hues of subtle colors including pink. The color combination of purple, blue and pink looks great. If you want keep them straight or enhance its beauty with curls like ribbons for unique hairstyle. All the hairstyle is lovely.

Colorful hairstyle

Strawberry Pink Hairstyle

When subtle colors like cream, strawberry and pastel pink comes together then you will get this dream look. The hairstyle is amazingly cute and sweet. Be little experimental and then this gorgeous hairstyle is ready for you.


Mix and Match Hairstyle

The pink is so eye catching and at the same time it gives soothing effect also. The vibrant color pink and with contrast the other color is looking so beautiful and fantastic.

Long hair pink highlights

Braided Pink Hairstyle

The subtle hue of candy pink with loose braided hairstyle is so elegant. So try this hairstyle next time whenever you color your hair pink. The color and hairstyle is so brilliant that perfectly matches each other.

Braided pink hairstyle women

Pink and Purple Mix Hairstyle

The striking pink color with vibrant purple mix gives most beautiful hair color and style. For the perfect look, straight hairs appear to be the best. Simply open or make pony tail it’s up to you. You will surely grab attention of others.


Hot Pink Ponytail

This pink ponytail looks cute and vibrant. Color your hair with pink just in the end and leave the whole hair just like that to get that sweet and hot look. Try this, for a change just like girl next door with a beautiful difference in your style.

Hot pink ponytail hairstyle women

Long Hair with Pink Touch

The color looks amazingly beautiful with a touch of pink color for long layered hair. The hairstyle is very much in fashion and everyone just loves the style. The dash of pink hue to hair adds the special effect with simplicity.


Bold Pink with Bun

The bold color pink highlights make a wonderful and fantastic messy bun. This hairstyle is perfect for the party with your friends and family. This is a breathtaking hairstyle with fantastic pink highlights.

Colorful hair pink hair women

Ombre and Pink Highlights Stunning Hairstyle

Ombre hair color with pink highlights for medium short hair is so appealing. You can choose hot bold pink color shades to light shades with ombre hair color to get this hairstyle. The combination of both the colors appears bright and lovely.

Ombra pink hairstyle women

Triple Color Hairstyle

Try for tri color hairstyle like in this one. The color of pink, purple and green is looking gorgeous. You will definitely stand out of the crowd this time with this hairstyle with pink highlights combined with other bold color.

Triple color hairstyle

Bright Pink Hairstyle

If you have extra short hair with very bright hair color then you have few options left to try for pink highlights. This chic has opted for fascinating bright oink hair color to highlight this look.


Old Vintage Hairstyle

Look at this glamorous chic with vintage hairstyle. This is the perfect look for your next party.

Retro pink hairstyle women

Bridal Pink Hairstyle

Modern brides will also go with this trendy pink hairstyle for her special day. The hairstyle is unique and so elegant for this special day of your life.


Block Pink Color Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks amazingly so different and yet very stunning. The hairstyle is so trendy that makes your own fashion statement.

Amazing pink highlights women hairstyle

Dark Pink Hairstyle

This outstanding bold and dark pink color is super for medium long hair. The hairstyle is brilliant and will make you more gorgeous. Go ahead and try this hairstyle next time.

Dark pink hairstyle women

Now you have many hairstyles with your pink highlights. The color pink is so different and cute that’s why it has been loved by every one of us. There are many other hair color highlights but that entire are so boring now. The pink highlights are in fashion.  Go and try any one of your liking of hairstyles and rock the world.

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