7. Serve Yourself A Cooked Salmon

Omega3fatty acids in cooked salmon are the most effective polyunsaturated fats that you would need to effectively beat out stress. A nice meal containing grilled salmon can give you 2000 milligrams of this polyunsaturated fat. It boosts serotonins to a very higher level keeping the overall mood stable and good. It also promotes consistent flow of blood throughout the body that can help keep stress at lower levels. Good blood circulation is needed so your system does not feel compromised due to stress.  You can eat a scrumptious platter of salmon at least thrice a week. This is an ideal food that provides nourishment to the brain.

8. Citrus Fruits Make You Feel Happy

If you are feeling highly anxious or if stress is taking a toll on you, drink a glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice and see how you laundry stress with this juice. Widely known to be rich in vitamin C, when you drink a glass of orange juice, daily, and do away with those bags of chips and junk food, you are helping yourself have a better state of mind. Your body will be happy to receive this dose of juice every day, as citrus fruits provide to be an offshoot of happiness. It steps up your immunity one notch up. A good food to snack on in the morning or during tea time. Citrus fruits are bundled with anti oxidants, an important substance your body needs to diminish Cortisol. It also contains potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and fiber all of which provide energy to the body and keep stressors turned down.

9. Go Nutty Over Nuts and Seeds

Yes, you can go nutty snacking on seeds and nuts anytime you feel unbalanced, during day time or night time. Keep these snacks handy just like you would any comfort food. Sesame seeds, Brazilian nuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, and all kinds of mixed nuts are stress busters. Eat them roasted and salted, or any way you like, as long as your body is able to get magnesium, unsaturated fats, and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs when it hits the blues. When you keep snacking every day, on nuts and seeds, there is hardly any scope of stress turning into serious anxiety or depression issues. Makes for a tasty snack and has the nutrients your mind and body needs. These are your easiest access to instant feel good food, without any side effects when eaten in moderation.  Nuts and seeds are any day a better option than tranquilizers and anti depressants.

10. Beets and Apples Beat The Blues

If you have been feeling all blue, out of nowhere, eat an apple. Maybe add a dash of cinnamon to it, but, yes, eat that apple! An apple a day, does keep all the blues away. Not a moment of feeling fatigue, jaded, or stressed down because of a convoluted life. Modern lives are intricate. When the mind and body is not regularly fed with diet that keeps them happy, Cortisol tries to find a permanent residence in them. Apples have quercetin, a flavonol that boosts the levels of dopamine, a compound responsible to keep people happy. Red beets get the blood flowing and work like anti depressants. May be you have an amazing music list on your iPod, or doing activities that make you happy work well for you. But, eating food that reduce stress works like magic.


Foods that contain vitamin C, magnesium, folate, omega3fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates help reduce or eliminate stress inside the body. Binge on your favorite food list that contain these nutrients and stay animated and happy!!