After a tiring day’s work the place where you wish to let yourself go is naturally your bedroom. The most comforting place in your home that secretly treasures your thoughts and passion and never lets a word out definitely needs special attention. Bedroom decoration has greatly evolved and the new style that has caught the imagination of many is the Asian way of living. Indeed the diverse, earthy and minimal forms of Asian decoration are currently making rounds with many interior artists. The inspirational Zen-like elements with a fusion of different styles across the many regions of Asia largely dominated by Orientals, blended finely with Indian, Mogul and Middle Eastern forms make an interesting medley.

Oriental Bedroom Design Ideas

Infused with tranquility most oriental bedrooms have soothing wall textures with neutral tones. But there is plenty of color in the wall motifs, silk upholstery, paintings , lacquered boxes, and silk Chinois Erie wallpaper and the elaborate flower arrangements that find place in every Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and other Eastern homes. Most Asian homes welcome fresh air with large open windows.

Bedroom decorating ideas

Chinese And Japanese Bedroom styles

Chinese bedrooms are famous for their sweeping artwork painted Chinese screens which act as perfect wall fillers depicting elaborate scenes with rich patterns in bold colors giving the bedroom a cozy and lavish look. Red is a favorite color of the Chinese, which conjure romance and passion. Adding status of the Buddha matched with a potted plant of variegated foliage and balancing the ancient design philosophy of Feng Shui reinstates the classic oriental features. Harmonious blinds that appropriately combine with wooden furniture are basic but offer freshness.  Chinese and Japanese figurines of oriental men, women and children or just vases appearing in the finest pastels or vibrant hues are an essential element in the oriental bedrooms.


Far Eastern Bedrooms

Far Eastern bedrooms have a very cozy and warm appeal.  With extensive use of leather and deep comforting upholstered seating the style is baroque and full of antiquity. The bedrooms are mostly rectangular and covered with thick rugs, wall-mounted nightstands with ebonized handles with walnut flooring peeping to add a royal and classy touch to the room.

Bedroom design ideas

Indian Bedrooms

Indian bedrooms are very earthy with simple shades finding harmony with traditional Indian motifs. India in itself has tremendous diversity and each region has its unique lifestyle. But the only thing common is tradition and God. So these elements are found in different styles in most Indian bedrooms. Some who are more experimental unify this diversity with shades, motifs; upholstery and ideas from rural India are inspirational themes for many designers.


Room lighting

One of the strongest aspects of any bedroom is light. In the evening it is important to match the lighting of the room with your mood. You should have option for the subtlest lighting to the brightest. The Japanese lantern style or the far eastern lanterns create the perfect romantic backdrop in any bedroom.

Latest Bedroom Ideas

Your Style

But room decorations need not follow any strict style. It can be a potpourri of many styles and as stated earlier your bedroom reflects your mood and personality. There can be a fine mix of the Indian or far eastern influences with an oriental touch.