Most of us are dealing with the biggest challenge of our lives – losing weight and being fit! Who says that healthy food does not taste good? Starving is not an option, healthy diet is! So if you crave for carbs late into the night, then you must gorge on few super foods that actually aid you in losing weight.

Here is a list of few super foods that you can rely on late into the night and stay assured that you will not gain weight.

Few Late Night Snacks That You Can Rely On Will Not Make You Fat

A Fruit Box

Fruits contain minerals, vitamins and iron, especially apples which are a rich source of iron. Eating fruits everyday can keep your system clean and your body nourished. Including fruits in your diet can help you lose weight and also maintain a healthy heart and skin.

Sprouts For A Power Punch

Sprouts are germinated legumes. They are a great boost to metabolism. They help in regulating the bowels, are a rich source of protein, vitamins, fiber, enzymes and fatty acids. They are alkaline to our body and are a cheap source of nutrition.

Fun Of Green Leafy Foods

Green and leafy vegetables are a very rich source of calcium, iron, minerals, zinc and fiber. They help in regulating blood sugar and are very resourceful for diabetics. Include them in salads and vegetables everyday for a healthier system. Spinach, fenugreek and chards are very rich in beta-carotene which is good for the heart.

Lean Meat For Meat Lovers!

Lean meat like fish and eggs are very rich in protein, iron, zinc and B12. They are low in fat content and are super rich in healthy nutrients like folic acid which help in cell formation and regeneration. It also helps in reducing the chance of heart diseases and degeneration in eyes.

Yogurt For Health

Yogurt is a dairy product and a great source of calcium, potassium and protein. It is powerful in immunity boosting and bone-building. It also has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties to help your skin and system fight with such infections. It is also great for weight loss!

Grilled Baked Snacks!

We all like to munch on snacks which are tasty and fill us up but unknowingly we are piling up loads of calories which are hard to get rid of since these snacks are mostly the fried variety. Instead, grilled or baked snacks are a better and healthier option to satisfy that hunger pang.

Go Green With Salads

Salads should be your appetizer each day. It not only boosts the metabolism but is also rich in supplying anti-oxidants which are good for your skin and health. Include cucumbers which are calorie free. Beetroots, carrots and broccoli are also rich in Vitamin C. Munch on fresh salads late into the night, if you get the hunger attack!

Dark Chocolate Fun

Those with a sweet tooth need not worry about giving up sweets since dark chocolates can make as great dessert after dinner and satisfy the craving for eating something sweet, Dark chocolates are loaded with antioxidants which are good for your heart, skin and hair. It is loaded with minerals and helps in regulating blood pressure. However, keep tabs on checking the limit of intake so that you don’t ruin your teeth!

You can fully rely on these super fruits fully and be assured that your hunger pang late into the night never lets you gain pounds on your waist!