The health conscious side of us always looks for low-cal foods which would provide us the required energy without adding kilos to the body weight. However, are you always eating “healthy” food? Or that which you think is a health food, is actually working against your goal?

Few Healthy Foods That Can Actually Make You Fat

Breads That Claim To Be “Multi Grain”

Packets of breads that are labeled as “whole grain” or “multi-grain” are actually made of refined grains which contain polished substances. They do not provide the required energy and are often less nutritional than what you expect. So next time when you boy whole wheat bread, make sure to read whether it is bleached or unbleached.

Vegetable Oils For Health

Vegetable oils are substantially added with flavors and colorants. The presence of such artificial ingredients increase levels of unsaturated fatty acids which in turn increase the risk of obesity, risk of heart disease and high cholesterol level. Extra virgin olive oil can be a good substitute in your kitchen, since it is light and contains less fat.

Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk is considered to be less fat-containing than whole. Therefore most of us prefer the former than latter. However, most of us do not know that skimmed milk has 3.7% more fat than whole milk. The vitamins that make fat soluble such as A, D, E and K are also less in skimmed milk.

Fruit Juices

It is a common and well known notion that fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals. But it is a lesser known fact that fruit extracts have loads of calories and sugar. They can actually increase your blood sugar level. Eating whole fruits can be more ‘fruitful’ than straining juice out of it.

Frozen Foods Owing To Fast Paced Lifestyle

With less time in hand, most of us prefer keeping frozen foods that are found commercially. Packages of such foods are labeled with a good nutrition value. But the truth is, howsoever tasty these foods are, the nutrition value is always less. No matter how busy you are; health always comes first. Right?

Sports Drinks and Other Health Drinks

These are the best when it comes to squelching thirst and energizing body and mind. However there are different results found from researchers. Sports drinks have high sugar content and considerable electrolytes which ultimately make you gain weight.

Margarine and other Synthetic Oils

Artificial oils are often hydrogenated in order to make them viable to be kept at room temperature for a long time. The process of hydrogenation converts essentials of the oil into trans fats further increasing the risk of several cardiovascular diseases.

Agave Nectar

Agave syrup or nectar is often sold as an efficient alternative to sugar. It is labeled as a high fructose corn syrup which is helpful for calorie conscious people. However, the property of agave nectar is totally opposite. Agave contains 70-90% of fructose, while the quantity of the same in natural sugar is just 50%!

There are several foods which we consume in our daily lives for health and a slim figure. More often a special and judicious selection is recommended as the property of each and every food item is different to what it actually represents.