An itchy scalp can be irritating at times as it also creates unwanted embarrassing situations when you are outside or attending a party or meeting with a special person. Itching your scalp with hands can put negative impact on people around you. It is not that you want to itch your scalp with both your hands, but it is the sudden urge of the moment which makes you do that. You want to prevent your fingers from scratching your head, but it involuntarily goes up there. The situation is tacky, but you are helpless! This is the common story of every person who has ever had the problem of an itchy scalp. Dandruff can be the other culprit which makes you scratch your scalp. Further, a dry scalp can also behave crusty and make itching more like a requirement for people having it.

A high quality anti-itch shampoo can give you good results, but before you think of spending huge moolah on buying costly varieties, you can simply dig into your kitchen and surroundings. There are numerous things around us which are helpful in giving a good remedy that work against itches.

Rub A Menthol Balm

The petroleum jelly found in menthol balms which are usually used for headaches can give a good solution for fighting against an itchy scalp. You can go for Vicks VapoRub which is one of the best choices for hitting the problems of dandruff, a sole reason behind scalp itchiness. Rub a dollop of VapoRub throughout the scalp and wash with your shampoo after one hour. Make sure to erase all traces of the VapoRub.

Strike The Juice Of Onion 

Onion juice contains powerful stimulants which are helpful in growing hair too. By making the roots of the hair healthy, onion juice can also stimulate blood circulation. Since onion is anti-bacterial in nature, it can give a good fight to itchiness of the scalp. Sulfur, potassium, germanium and magnesium are found in onion which are highly helpful in making the scalp healthy and clean.

Go For  A Listerine Wash

Listerine not just cleanses your mouth and keeps up your oral health, but it is also helpful in making your scalp healthy. Dandruff which is the sole reason for itchy scalp, can be cured by the help of Listerine. You can rinse you hair with Listerine each time after you wash your hair with your regular shampoo. This can give relief to scalp itchiness and prevent dandruff too.

Eucalyptus Oil For A Itch Free Scalp

Eucalyptus oil has a mild scent which is highly refreshing in nature. It can treat nausea and problems related to cold and flu as well. The antibacterial and antifungal nature of eucalyptus can moisten the scalp and free it from dryness. You can mix white vinegar, eucalyptus oil and water together to form a solution for washing hair. After washing hair with shampoo, you can rinse your hair well with this solution.

Scalp itchiness is no disease, and the remedies are readily available around us. Therefore, if you are facing the problems of itchy scalp, you can try any of these for a relief.