After a long day at work, the bedroom is the only place that can provide you solace and some relaxation. A comfortable and well organized bedroom is not only soothing to the eyes, but also convenient for the tired soul in you. But, have you ever thought about the essentials your bedroom should have? No, we are not talking about the bed! Every bedroom has a bed for sure. Well, if you haven’t given it a thought yet, then read through our guide of the bedroom essentials and stock up your bedrooms.

A Marvelous Personalized Theme

Gone are  the days when bedrooms used to be bland and plain. People have started experimenting with colors and themes to make their bedroom unique. Choosing a theme is very simple; the bedroom should be an extension of your own self.  You can paint it in calm and soothing colors or give it a bang of brightness with bold colors, the choice really is yours.

Bedroom color schemes

Stylish And Luxurious Lighting

Lighting is the essence of any room; it should be well planned so as to illuminate the room without hurting your eyes. When we talk about decorating the bedroom, stylish and posh lighting just does the trick. You can have beautiful bedside lamps, or wall mounted lamps as per your convenience. Apart from that decorative ceiling lights also compliment the décor.

Luxury bedroom lighting

A Comfortable And Good Quality Mattress

No matter how much you decorate your room, if you don’t have the right mattress your bedroom will always look shabby and incomplete. After all, what’s the use of such a beautiful place, when you can’t have a peaceful sleep? The mattress should be able to support your back and also provide a sense of smoothness in feel. Moreover, the height of the mattress should be in sync with the nightstand. It is always recommended to invest in a high quality mattress because even though it costs a little more, it has a longer life than low quality mattresses.

An Adequate Bedside Storage

Having an adequate set of  nightstands is a must for the bedroom. They not only compliment the décor, but also come in handy to store some useful things and to keep the bedside lamps. You can stock it up according to your convenience, whether it is a small indoor plant or a good book or even a water jug, the choice is all yours. This would only make your life easy by providing you instant access to your regular need items.

Bedroom Bedside Storage

A Comfy And Chic Rug

Rugs not only enhance the look of the bedroom but are also very important, especially during winters. No one likes to wake up from a cozy bed and step onto the hard and cold floor, sending shivers down the body instantly. Make sure to have a soft and cushy rug laid on the floor for your comfort and for décor.


A Place To Sit, Other Than Your Bed

You can’t keep lying on the bed all day; moreover, it makes you more lethargic. Sometimes you just need to sit and read a book, probably check your emails, do some work or even have a conversation with someone. For all these things it is essential to have a few spots in the room where you put in comfy chairs or sofas, so that you can sit and enjoy the things you love to do.

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