Are you searching for solutions to keep your beds free of bed bugs? Generally people search bed bug solutions only after it become big in numbers as they are unaware of the presence of these insects until develop some serious allergies on their skin. Bed bugs are tiny insects and usually hide in warm moist areas like carpets, cracks and crevices of beds, mattresses and furniture. Nowadays, these bloodsucking critters have become an epidemic from residential homes to opulent hotels. The bites of bed bugs can make itching and irritation on the skin and if you scratch the bite areas, it may lead to severe skin infections. So, it is wise to eradicate these pests permanently from your home.

Eradication Of Bed Bugs Is Important

As you know the presence of bed bugs can affect the quality of living whether you are in your home or in a plush hotel. These small insects can hide anywhere mainly in the cracks and crevices of furniture and other narrow areas. Bed bugs normally hide during day time and get active at night and suck the blood of warm blooded animals like human beings. Even if bed bug bites do not cause any serious health conditions, it can disturb your sleep and sometimes lead to skin infections.  Try some home remedies to kill bed bugs if they are not large in number. Some of the best remedies to make your bed free of bed bugs are:

Alcohol To Kill Bed Bugs

One of the best ways to make your bed free of bed bugs is to use alcohol. Spreading some alcohol on every corner of your bed is effective to get rid of bed bugs. You can pour a small quantity of alcohol in a spray bottle to spray it on your bed.  Another advantage of using alcohol to treat bed bugs is that it makes the eggs of these insects visible so that one can brush them also away easily. You can enjoy better effects if you repeat the process twice or thrice in a week.

Natural Insecticides To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

You can find several natural insecticides made of fruits and vegetables in the market for the eradication of bed bugs. You can spray them under your bed, on mattresses, furniture and other bed bug infested areas. This is effective to make your bed and other areas free of bed bugs.

Mint Leaves To Eliminate Bed Bugs

There are many herbal remedies effective for the elimination of bed bugs and one of the notable remedies is mint leaves. Simply spread these leaves around your bed, furniture and other expected corners to get relief from bed bugs.

Lavender Oil To Repel Bed Bugs

Another popular natural remedy to repel bed bugs is lavender oil.  Many people from across the world use this herbal remedy to kill bed bugs. Rubbing this oil around your bed and other places where these insects are active not only helps to eradicate them but to avoid entering new bugs inside your home.

Hot Steam To Remove Bed Bugs Efficiently

Use a steamer on your mattresses and carpets for the efficient killing of bed bugs. You must remember to keep the nozzle of the device near the mattress and carpet in order to penetrate the hot steam inside them. Repeat the process every week until all the insects brush away.