Bed bugs are very small insects which can be seen throughout the world. In fact, these tiny bloodsucking pests are a nuisance and many people from across the globe seek suitable measures for the permanent eradication of them. Dealing with the problem of bed bugs infestation is not so easy even for the professional bed bug exterminators. The main reason is that they are nocturnal in nature and hide in the cracks and crevices of furniture and walls during day time. Bed bug bites can sometimes create serious skin infections. So, it is important to take immediate measures if you face the problem of bed bugs at your home. Some of the excellent remedies that help you to make your home bed bug free are:

Sunlight To Control Bed Bugs

There is no other easy and excellent way than sunlight to eradicate the problem of bed bugs. Simply place all your pillows, bed linen, bedclothes and mattresses out in the sun for a few hours. If it is possible, put your bed and other movable furniture including the drawers of dressers and desks in the sun to control bed bugs. The heat of the sun is sufficient to kill all bed bugs present in the items placed under the sun.

Neem Oil To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Composed of several active ingredients, neem oil is a powerful bed bug repellent. Bed bugs cannot survive if you use neem oil as it can obstruct the proper functioning of the natural hormones in them and die eventually. Spray neem oil on the bed bug infested areas like bed frame, box springs, mattresses, drawers and dressers. You can kill all bed bugs effectively if you spray this oil once a week.

Lemongrass To Kill Bed Bugs

One can kill bed bugs and their eggs quickly by using the powder of lemongrass.  It is an effective home remedy to eliminate bed bugs because the lemongrass oil raises the acidic level at a disturbing level inside these pests resulting to their death.

Black Walnut Tea To Treat Bed Bugs

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of black walnut tree make it an amazing remedy to treat bed bugs. Simply place tea bags of black walnut tree in various bed bug infested areas to kill these insects and their eggs. Remember to keep away the tea bags from reach of pets.

Turmeric Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

You can control bed bug infestation by rubbing turmeric powder all over the infested areas. The strong anti-microbial agent, curcumin present in the turmeric creates an unpleasant condition for the survival of these insects.  If you rub this substance over your mattress, it obstructs the supply of oxygen inside the mattresses so that bed bugs get trapped inside it and die because of the inadequate supply of oxygen.

Scrub To Kill Adult Bed Bugs And Its Eggs

Scrubbing is effective to kill bed bugs. You can use a brush with strong bristles to scrub the surfaces of the furniture to kill these insects even the eggs of them. Use a detergent and soap to scrub the bed bug infested areas using this brush.