The secret to a glowing and refreshing skin cannot be revealed in a single day. It requires a little extra yet simple efforts everyday so that the skin never loses its luster with the passing days. Other than makeup tips, there are several ideas that can be adopted to achieve a bright skin tone right from the shelves of our kitchen. Few food items are also known to enhance the skin’s properties while making it soft and supple over the long run.

Aloe Vera Gel For Skin

Aloe vera is a wonder leaf and does magic over skin of any type. If you are someone w hose skin tends to get dry quite often, then aloe vera can work as a predicament for you. The presence of acid in the aloe leaves can wipe out the dead skin cells and fasten the recovery process. Aloe products available in the market can also be chosen if you find it difficult to find fresh aloe from your backyard.

Aloe Vera For Glowing Skin

Drink Orange Juice Regularly

There is no denying this fact that orange juice is something that can bring oodles of Vitamin C to your body. Vitamin C is not just the best way to keep away from common cold and fever by producing anti-oxidants in the body, but it is also a solid substance essential for the creation of collagen. Collagen helps the skin to remain youthful. Apart from orange juice which is known to be the king of Vitamin C, you can also find the great benefits from kiwi fruit, guava, strawberries and pepper.

Orange Juice For Health Skin

Include a Clove of Garlic Everyday in your Diet

Garlic is a well-known spice in India as it brings a tangy taste in the dishes cooked with it. Other than being the king of spices, garlic is also known to be a substance that enhances the life span to seven times. Garlic is helpful in nourishing the skin cells and inhibits the growth of malignant and cancerous cells in the body.

Garlic For Beauty

Avoid Touching  Your Face With Hands

It is quite common among people to touch their faces every now and then with bare hands. This tendency can turn out to be disastrous for your skin, more often during the summers and hot humid afternoons. The dirt and germs accumulated on hands can reach the face and make it pimple prone.

Gentle Scrubbing Your Skin

A loofah can be used to exfoliate the skin with a mild scrubber. Ground rice and flour can be a good scrubber for skin exfoliation. Scaly and bumpy skin can be made dead skin cell-free with the circular motion application of the scrubber on loofah.

Scrubbing For Beautiful Skin

Multivitamins For Healthy Skin

Sometimes, we do not get the essential vitamins required by the body throughout the day. Often we skip meals owing to work pressure and busy schedule. Multivitamin tablets can come in handy for such people who find less time to count on the vitamin intake during the day time. Vitamin C, B and A are known to be the best nutrients for the skin and these can be obtained in accurate amount from these tablets.

Skin care can be fun at times too. All it needs is few minutes from our daily busy schedules and at the end you gain a glowing and rejuvenated skin for the whole life.