When you get up early in the morning, the first job you do is start thinking about what attire to pick up for the office. This is the common story in every household. If you have someone as caring as your mother or wife or even a good friend, then skipping of breakfast never happens. But in case you are living alone, then you don’t want to get up to a lazy morning early just to prepare your own breakfast. The result is, skipping the most important meal of the day! Research has proved that people who don’t eat breakfast during the morning hours are more likely to feel lethargic during the rest of the day. However, those who continue eating their breakfast religiously are more energetic and work effortlessly throughout the day.

The immediate consequences of skipping breakfast cannot be seen. But you would definitely realize the worth of the morning’s first meal when the body starts wanting for more energy. Therefore making breakfast a mandatory part of the daily routine is highly recommended.

You would find a number of posts that would tell you the benefits of having breakfast in a day. However, if you really want to look above the horizon, then you should know the different ill-effects of skipping breakfast. Here are few of them.

Hampers Metabolism

Metabolism is the body’s ability to burn calories and turn them into consumable energy and waste. As the body starves during the night for 8 hours in a stretch, it is our first duty to feed something to the stomach right in the morning hours. Body needs energy to kick start the metabolism process and if you don’t feed it with enough food, the process of metabolism is slowly hampered, ultimately causing irrevocable losses.

Menstrual Irregularities In Women

College students and working ladies mostly skip their breakfasts not considering the ill effects of the same. This is indirectly related to the monthly cycle in females as it gets disturbed with the absence of breakfast in the morning. Breakfast skippers often suffer from period pain, irregular flow of blood and even constipation.

Makes You Unable To Lose Weight!

You would panic to the title as skipping breakfast can also make you unfit for losing weight. This thing again goes with the same principle as metabolism. If the body is not provided with required energy through food in the morning, it starts starving. Our system finds it really difficult to burn calories when it doesn’t have the energy.

 Lowers The Level Of Sugar In Body

Breakfast skippers can also get their blood sugar level deteriorated. Not refueling the body even after making it starve for 8 hours in the night would lead to uneasiness, dizziness, sweating and nausea. The level of sugar or glucose lessens in the blood with the absence of breakfast.

Makes You Crave For Food During Midday

You might have realized this before that skipping a big meal in the morning time makes you crave for more food during the day. Eating healthy sprouts and snacks in the breakfast provides energy to the body which keeps the body balanced. If the stomach is not satisfied, it starts wanting for more food.

Therefore it is always recommended to go for something in the breakfast so that the stomach remains fuller and you don’t face the bitter consequences. Choose your sprouts wisely and live healthy!