Animal designs in nail art is the latest craze amongst youngsters. Animal print nails can come in a lot of variety as there are so many animals which you can adorn on your nails. From cuddly rabbit to haughty cats, there is a huge variety you can choose from the animal kingdom. Have one nail decorated with animal print or all, this animal print fad is going to stay for a long time.

Let us examine a few out of the box animal design nail art ideas.

Fierce Shark Nails

After the movies Jaws, sharks have been seen as a predator and fierce beasts. If you are a wild one, flaunt your ferocious style by these shark nails.

Animal shark nail art design

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Cute Cow Printed Nails

These cute nails in white, black and pink will provide a cute innocent look to your nails. The light hues add a subtle touch to the entire cow experience.

Animal print nail art design

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Adorable Panda With Bamboo Nails

This cuddly design with an extremely adorable Panda Bear with bamboo shoots will make you fall in love with your nails. Add a little dazzle with a single rhinestone and keep it classy.


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Floating Turtles Nails

Floating blue turtles in a pool of white and green is the ultimate ocean design you can have on your nails. The soft colors impart an elegant shine to the nails.

Animal nail art design

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Yellow Giraffe Nails

Paint it yellow and brown with a lovely giraffe drawing on the nails and get that tall sense of fashion on your nails. This is a little rare animal print nail design.

Zebra nail art design

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Lovely Penguin Nails

Paint all your nails with lovely penguin faces for the unbeatable funky look. A very simple nail art and yet it has an unparalleled appeal which can go on any outfit.

Penguin nail art design

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Misty Cat And Paws Nails

Show off your nails with the haughty cat and small paw marks with this misty nail design art. It also provides a mysterious touch to the nails as well as the personality. Keep your onlookers guessing about your mysterious personality.


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Simple Bunny Nails

Decorate your nails with simple light colored bunny with a few rhinestones to add a little sparkle. Isn’t the design heartwarming? This is the best design for casual gatherings and outing with best friends.

Cute animal print nail art design

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Royal Tiger Nails

Play with bright orange and yellow with black to get the majestic tiger on your nails. The royal look of these nails is unmatchable. How about displaying your regal side for a change?


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Magical Sea Horse Nails

Sea horses are always a little enchanting and mystical. If your personality is the same, then sea horses should be decorated on your nails. This delicate design will add a magical glint to your nails.

Sea horse animal print ail art design

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Choose from a variety and have those animal designs on your nails. It may represent your personality or it may be just for fun, let your nails get soaked in the wonderful world of the animal kingdom.