When you start thinking of your favorite cheese crust pizza topped with chicken crumbs, golden corn and jalapeno, you never want to put your eyes off it. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy yummy food? But if you look into it closely, you would realize that these toothsome delicacies are packed with lowest nutritional values. Your stomach feels stuffed, but you do not earn anything in your body other than few thousand calories.A healthy meal is therefore highly required by the body. These foods provide wholesome goodness and also provide you the required amount of energy that your body demands. Further, a healthy meal also takes good care of the body weight.

There is a very common notion that healthy foods are not yummy and they are the most plain food on the earth. But you can redesign and customize your own food, turn it yummy by keeping its nutritional value consistent. Yes! A simple food can be made surprisingly yummy with bit of creativity. Here is a list of different nutritional foods that you can transform from the boring way of cooking to a much tangier one!

A Happy And Healthy Meal

A Box Of Sprouts

Health conscious people would agree to the nutritional content of sprouts. But if you are not one of those extra conscious species, then you can turn these sprouts into something more colorful and tangy. Bring in all the sprouts together and sprinkle some black salt to it. Add few drops of lemon juice and garnish the top with tomato crumbs, onion and nuts. Add some green chilly pieces to it to make the taste spicier. This is a little variation from the simple logic of sprouts, and you can get the same nutritional value from this too.

Make Your Own Pizza

In case you were not fully aware of this, the white flour bread in your pizza adds more calories to it. To get the taste of a pizza at home and without losing it nutritional value, you can make your own customized pizza base at home. You would need barley flour or wheat flour for this. Knead the flour and make dough of it. Use your rolling pin to flatten the dough. Now add all your favorites as topping over it. You can use your own cheese, rather than the processed cheese (that contains more calories) and put the preparation into microwave for a healthier and yummier pizza at home.

Oatmeal Pancake At Home

Oatmeal appears sticky when cooked and few people do not love this stickiness. To create a variation of the usual oat recipe, you can cook oatmeal by adding salt, chili powder, one tablespoon of oil and tomatoes to it. As an alternative, you can also grind the oatmeal thoroughly and mix it with water. Let the batter rest for thirty minutes. Add pinch of baking soda to it. Now add cut onion, tomato crumbs and green chilly to the batter. You can now use your non-stick pan to cook pancakes over it. This food is delectable and the taste would never make you feel that you are eating “boring-oatmeal-turned-pancake”.

These foods will surely change your idea of healthy food and you can obtain the same benefits with a hint of taste to your normal food.