If you have a sweet tooth and you love teasing your taste buds with the yummy taste of Nutella, then you must try out its variations as well. Nutella is a chocolate mousse that is loved and adored by everyone having a sweet tooth. This yummy food is off late being introduced into our sweet recipes and they have wonderfully changed the regular idea of cooking desserts. This food is delectable and it makes other sweet dishes delicious too. Health conscious individuals might never want to try Nutella in their life as firstly, this is a sweet dish and secondly, it binds the mouth with its sugary taste. When you are eating Nutella, you can never think of trying out different variations of it, so in short, you would never get enough of Nutella from its usual flavor.

5 Nutella Desserts That Would Make You Fall In Love With Them

So here we bring you different variations of Nutella that can make your desserts super fun and more pleasing.

Cookies Stuffed With Nutella

Cookies give you an unusual sense of joy with the crispiness of flour in the outer covering and the smoothness of cream inside. You can convert basic cookies into Nutella mixed peanut butter cookies. Knead your dough to prepare your favorite cookie. Add chocolate powder to the dough to make it brown or keep it as it is to make it appear white. Add one tablespoon of peanut butter and Nutella into the dough and bake your cookies instantly in the microwave!

Pumpkin Roll Stuffed With Nutella

Your basic pumpkin roll can be converted into something tastier by adding a layer of Nutella into it. Smear a spoon of Nutella in the mashed and shredded pumpkin dough. Bake it thoroughly in the oven and bring it out to gift your taste buds the satiating feel of chocolate.

Milkshake Made Of Nutella

You might never find anything better than a milkshake whipped with Nutella cream. Just follow your old traditional way of making milkshake. Take cold milk and add sugar to it. Add two tablespoons of Nutella to the milk and put the content in a mixer. Grind it well and you are ready with a refreshing Nutella milkshake!

Nutella Cheese Cake And Brownies

A deviation from the regular cheese cake is always fun. Prepare your cake batter and add Nutella to it and whip the batter well. Mix the Nutella thoroughly with the cake’s batter and prepare your cheese cake in small aluminum foils. You can even bake your whole cake in a single large bowl.

Vanilla Cum Nutella Marble Cake

A delectable marble cake is not difficult to make when you have a box of Nutella in your kitchen.  Prepare separate batter for vanilla and chocolate. While you can use a vanilla essence for preparing the white part, the brown part can be made by mixing Nutella in the mixture. Spread the vanilla batter on the bottom of the cake tray and the Nutella batter over it. Again put a layer of vanilla and top the cake with a layer of Nutella. Put the same in the microwave to obtain a colorful marble cake made of Nutella!

These 5 recipes enhanced with the addition of Nutella cream will surely change the regular definition of cakes, milkshakes and other sweet dishes.