The onset of winters brings flakes to the hair of most people. Since the weather is dry, the hair becomes dry too and the resultant is dandruff in the hair. Dandruff, however, is not a seasonal problem and can attack you anytime round the year. Sometimes the scalp becomes itchy and creates troublesome conditions for the people. If you are suffering from dandruff problem, then you might have tried a number of medications to get over it. However, you might not have tested few things around nature which provide the ultimate relief to dandruff. We have a range of home remedies for you that can provide an effective way to treat the problem of dandruff.

Solving The Problem With Lemon

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and the citric acid content in the fruit can keep dandruff at bay. Rub a slice of big lemon on your head and massage with the help of your fingers. Let the citric acid seep through the scalp for few minutes before you wash it off. The procedure can be continued once in every week to see the best results.

With The Goodness Of Apples

Apples cannot just keep your doctor at bay, but also those scaly crusties present on your scalp at bay too. You might raise your eyebrows to the thought whether apples can actually clear/prevent dandruff from your scalp. But yes, this is true. Apples with their peel on contain Procyanidin B-2 which is a natural compound that is known to accentuate the growth of hair. Untreated dandruff for prolonged time period can lead to the oiliness and itchiness of the scalp. You can extract the juice of an apple and apply the pulp to your hair and roots. After 15 minutes, wash the hair with plain water to notice significant reduction in dandruff.

Exfoliate With Baking Soda

Baking soda is one such cheaply available ingredient in the market that has solutions to a number of home remedies. It acts as a natural exfoliant and hence can scrub the scalp quite gently. All you need is a bottle of baking soda from where you can just use one tablespoon and a bowl of water. Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water together to form a thick consistency. Use this paste to scrub your scalp gently. Once the paste is dried, wash it off with plain water. Baking soda can also reduce the oiliness from the hair, if any.

Crush Aspirin Tablets

Aspirin tablets can be helpful for treating scalp problems. The salicylates present in aspirin tablets is an active ingredient in treating dandruff. Crush two aspirin tablets and mix the same in the regular shampoo bottle which you use. Massage the shampoo on your hair till it forms lather and wash it off.

Ginger Paste Relief

The anti-inflammatory property of ginger makes it one of the best agents for curing the problems of dandruff. The volatile oils present in it make a good solution to fight flakes. Take a ginger and peel the outer covering. Crush the juice and add it to any carrier oil which you use for your hair. Massage your head well with this oil before you wash your hair.

These 5 remedies are known to everyone but are lesser known to be used for dandruff conditions. Makes use of these and get the shine back in your hair.