The summer starts setting in and the urge of having refreshing and cool drinks from all over the world also increases. We start craving for all those milkshakes, fruit juices, soft drinks and refreshing drinks to quench our thirst. While water is the first thing one would search for in a hot summer afternoon, our thirst is not quenched with just plain water. With the scorching sun sucking out all the energy from the body, we need something beyond just a throat satisfying drink that can give us our energy back. Here we bring you the top 5 summer drinks that one should definitely try out in summer seasons. These are easy to prepare and can be a very good welcome drink for your guests visiting home. So come summers, try these cool drinks to make the best out of this season!

5 Cool Summer Drinks You Should Definitely Try Out This Summer

The Regular Iced Tea

We have sweetened iced tea being sold in cans and bottles in the market. These are good to taste and also add a pack of taste to the tongue. But what if you get your own recipe of making iced tea at home? Making iced tea at home is interesting and easy to prepare. Choose your favorite herbal tea and add all the refreshing elements into it such as lemon, ginger, honey and mint. Brew your tea well on the stove and allow it to cool down. Chill the ice tea in the refrigerator and serve your guest with a pinch of black salt stirred to it.

Watermelon And Mint Shake

Summers start setting in and we see round big melons all over. Watermelon fills the mouth with its aesthetic sweetness and its cooling property satiates the taste buds as well as the stomach. Chop a watermelon and blend the pulp in the mixer with lemon, sugar and mint leaves. The shake so prepared is something you would love for sure!

Peach Cardamom Smoothie

Apart from healthy drinks, smoothies are also great choices in summers. These are fun to eat and make a great taste combination. You would require two medium sized peaches, milk, few almonds, sugar, hemp seeds and one date. Mix all these components together and blend it in a mixer. Keep the consistency thick enough as a smoothie and enjoy every bite with delight!

Pink Ginger Lemonade

Pink lemonade refers to strawberries and raspberries here. Take two tablespoons of fresh strawberries or raspberries and soak them in water for 4-5 hours. Add minced ginger, drops of lemon juice and a spoon of honey to it. Finally add some water and a pinch of black salt to give a tangy taste to the lemonade. Blend all the ingredients well in a mixer to make your lemonade smooth and juicy.

Refreshing Coconut Water With Lime Juice

You can swear by the taste of coconut water and lemon juice. Take unpasteurized coconut water and add one-fourth cup of lime water to it. Add a pinch of ground cardamom to enhance the aroma and taste. Mix all these together and sip down until you are satiated.

These cool drinks in summer will surely change your idea of regular shakes and lemonades. These drinks are healthy and can be easily prepared at home.