Are you planning to wear royal blue dress for an auspicious evening party or for just to meet with your friends in a small casual gathering? Surely, royal blue dress not only looks spectacular and stunning but is a very courageous color to put on as your evening outfit. You must have decided all other accessories and make-up to put on, which will enhance the beauty of your look with that elegant royal blue attire. At that point of time when you are all set to go, usually time is less and you have to make a quick decision to opt for appropriate shade of lipstick which will add that stunning beauty to your look which you were dreaming off.

The trickiest part comes, when you have to choose the right shade of lipstick to put on your lips, which will go well with your gorgeous blue dress. And unfortunately, if you choose the wrong shade of lipstick then that will ruin the beauty of you, with that blue outfit for sure. Do not worry! Take a quick look here, with all the shades of lipsticks which will go well with royal blue dress and also with your skin tone.

Crimson Pink Lipstick

If you have fair complexion and you are thinking to go for light shades then crimson pink shade lipstick is a good option for you. As your royal blue dress is not only a bold color but also is a eye catcher, in that case you will not prefer to go for darker shades of lipstick. Crimson pink lipstick goes on well on glowing and fair skin tone with royal blue dress.

Lipstick shades with royal bluedress

Coral Color Lipstick

Do not worry! Dusky complexion also has a better option to go for. Coral color lipsticks is the shade which blends well every skin tone, whether you are fair or having dark complexion. This particular is shade is very much trendy and perky. You don’t have to think twice while putting on coral color shades of lipstick with stunning blue dress for your complete gorgeous look. You can choose from red wine to dark pink shades of lipsticks to get that attractive appeal. This shade is a must you should try once and you will go on applying it again and again for sure.


Bright Red Lipstick

You may also go for bright red shades of lipsticks with blue dress, this not only look glamorous but will also give that contrast look with your blue dress which is very much appealing. The bright red lipstick is all time favorite color for every woman. Especially this particular color works wonders to hide age that’s why it is said to be perfect pick for every woman of any age. Both the colors are bold and look stunning with every skin tone. Even suits for darker skin ladies. No wonder, you add some glitter to your lipstick to get that cheerful look.

Bright red lipstick shade with royal blue dress

Nude Color Lipstick

Keep it very much soft and simple just like girl next door with nude color shade of lipstick, this will enhance your dress and on you without grabbing special attention on your lips. The color looks divine. You may choose a shinny nude color lipstick for your evening event to get that diva appearance. Do not over do with your make-up; just apply plain and simple make-up. You can put two to three coats of the nude shade lipstick on well moisturized lips and you are ready to go.

Nude lipstick shades

Orange Color Lipstick

Try something out of the line with orange color lipstick. The color is very much inn and cheerful with bright blue dress. There are wide varieties of orange lipsticks you can choose from. Just pick an orange color lipstick with a tint of red color. You will definitely look bright and out of the crowd, where people only try all basic shades of lipsticks. The color is perfect with beautiful blue dress.

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Fuchsia Color Lipstick

This particular goes well with fairer to dusky skin tone. There is a myth that fuchsia shades of lipsticks only suits to fairer looking skin tone. The goes perfect with darker complexion also. You can opt from wide variety of fuchsia shades and pick one which goes well with your complexion. The color will surely enhance your beauty with royal blue dress. The color is so perfect and simple that it not at all looks very decent on every woman of any skin tone.

Fuchsia Color Lipstick

Magenta Color Lipstick

One of the best shade lipsticks is magenta. You can pick this shade of this lipstick anytime anywhere. Magenta lip color is so lively that will make your look complete with royal blue dress. The color specially goes perfect with medium tone complexion to darker skin tone. That’s why it goes perfectly with Indian women.

Mauve Color Lipstick

Mauve color lipstick is much tricky to pick for your evening event just because if your lips are pretty much thinner than this color is not for you. But if you have bouncy and fuller lips then mauve shade of lipstick can work wonders for you. Just apply creamy matte finish shade of lipstick with blue dress.

Mauve Color Lipstick

Shimmery Pink Color Lipstick

Choose a pink shade of lipstick with shimmer. The color is so gorgeous that it will perfectly look great with your royal blue stunning dress for your evening event. This shimmery pink color lipstick will give that glamorous appeal with your bright blue fabric which will make perfect party look. There is huge variety of pink shades available for you in the market. Even for darker skin tone pink goes well; just pick the color like rose pink for you.

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Deep Berry Color Lipstick

Deep berry lip color is obviously a bold colored lipstick which gives a sensational look. Both the color of your blue dress and your lip color will definitely attract attention of others in the party. The color is again a good option for every skin tone from fairer to darker complexions. This will give you glamorous style statement with your royal blue dress for your party.

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