7. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Intact Is essential

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in all kinds of fish. People who love to relish on their dish of salmon or mackerel, stay energetic for longer periods. Vegetarians too can get their dose of these amino acids when they include nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, winter squash, herbs, spices, all kinds of cabbage and berries in their diet. It reduces fatigue that rises from depression or any of the mental illnesses. Bipolar disorder patients find fatigue to be their daily companion that they would like to get rid of, eventually. Especially, for patients of chronic depression or any of the mental illnesses, where fatigue is chronic, having omega-3 rich diet is essential.

8. Lack Of Sunlight Can Be Bepressing

Vitamin D is potent in the morning sunlight. If you want to beat the blues of fatigue, just go out in the morning and feel the sun. If you have been living in damp countries, where it rains heavily throughout the year, then it is good to take a frequent vacation to tropical countries. Sunlight is essential for body. The warmth of the sun gives happiness and uplifts the moods. If you are feeling tired, go get some sunlight!!

9. Sluggishness Due To Low Calories

It is true that body needs a healthy dose of fat to burn that fat into energy. If you are going on a stringent diet, then you are at the risk of running into low level of calories. It’s like saying hello to anorexia! Now, you wouldn’t risk that for the sake of staying slim, would you? When you drop the intake of calories than the level that the body requires, the metabolism of the body is slowed down. A body needs 2000-2500 of calorie intake daily, for a normal body, as long as there are no other ailments present. Anything lesser than this intake can make the body lesser active.

10. Autoimmune Diseases Do Drop Energy Levels

It is the nature of the autoimmune disease to play around the immunity of the body and exhaust it. The body’s ability to fight the autoimmune disease creates antibodies that harm the tissues of the body. It is better to get a treatment early if an autoimmune disease is detected, as it can compromise the energy levels of the human body.


There are umpteen reasons to feel fatigued. Chronic fatigue is the most common syndrome experienced in the modern day society. When a person experiences bouts of fatigue regardless of healthy eating habits and sleep patterns, it’s time to get a serious look in depth and know the hidden reason for fatigue.