Are you feeling tired all the time? Feeling stressed and fatigued within a few minutes of physical and mental work be the root cause of any hidden ailments. Lack of iron in the blood can lead to anemic condition, which causes fatigue, consistently. Fatigue could also be a symptom of many other hidden chronic ailment. Burn outs could also leads to withdrawal symptoms and lack of interest in day to day activities. Feeling weary all the time is something that needs immediate attention and remedy. That feeling like life is dragging you down when you are not able to lay a finger on what is happening to you when everything seems fine on the outside, needs an assessment from a doctor. People tend to ignore mental and emotional symptoms that in reality affect their health. These are the kind of symptoms not to be ignored, especially, if the person has been experiencing it since a long time.

1. Too Much Junk Food In The Diet

What a person eats affects their mood, cognition, levels of energy, immunity, and overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Sugars and processed food might taste really good, but they are a bad choice for mind and body. It is good to replace junk food that contains sugars, artificial flavoring, trans fat, and saturated fat with diet that is rich with protein, fiber, and vitamins.

It is, especially, difficult for people in their teenage to encourage a healthy diet, because, teenage is all about binging on junk food, listening to loud music, and partying. One of the reasons many teens are dealing with obesity issues, which in turn leads to a lot of fatigue, is because the body is unable to convert food into energy. A large amount of sugars and fat goes into the waste and does not convert into blood and energy. The basic foundation of having high energy and less fatigue is to eat right and have a healthy diet that contains all the vitamins and nutrients.

2. Concealed Depression That You Could Be Unaware Of

Life ‘is’ complicated for everyone, whether they are working for a competent corporate or working from home. We are entangled dealing with relationships at all levels including, the relationship with ourselves. Unless and until we take time to be in our stillness and turf out all the toxic thinking and relationships, it is difficult to understand how our mind affects our body. Concealed depression can make a person irritable, lack focus, and feel unmotivated for a longer period of time, if left unchecked.

This can lead to fatigue and general lack of interest in activities that were once enjoyable. Only loved ones can figure out concealed depression because, the person suffering from the same is unable to recognize depressive traits in them. When you feel physically fit but are unable to put a finger on the reason why you feel less energy all day, it could be hidden depression. Self awareness and some inner engineering can help to do away with feeling wearisome. These are times where it is essential for the mind to be calm. Find a constructive activity to start doing regularly so that this interest generated stays consistent. Gradually, along with diet and activities, fatigue can be overcome.

3. Poor Sleeping Patterns

We are more active on social media than real life. This makes a lot of people stay awake every single day, including weekends till wee hours in the mornings. This leads to erratic sleep patterns. When the mind and body does not get sufficient amount of sleep, it can cause not only fatigue but also other ailments. Sometimes, even due to work and other responsibilities we may lose sleep. Hot flashes and also low level of female hormones can also lead to fatigue in females. Too much caffeine during the daytime can also lead to fatigue. People who have crossed the age of 40 years feel fatigue due to old age.  However, if this is the problem that is felt by younger people, it is a cause of concern. 8 hours of sleep is recommended for adults to replenish their energy and feel fresh.

4. A Sedated Lifestyle- Maybe It’s Time To Move Around!

Working at your desk for a longer period of time can lead to chronic fatigue. A body that is subjected to physical activity in any form stays healthy and fit. When a person sits in a single place for a longer period of time, without letting their body experience motion, it is difficult to let the body experience new energy. To boost your energy and feel lesser fatigue; dance, exercise, go for a walk, or simply move around the house. When the body gets enough of exercise, it shoots up the energy levels and makes the body feel lighter. Apart from a fitness regime, a B complex rich diet is a must for anyone who gets tired easily.

5. Low Magnesium, Iodine, And Other Nutrients

Apart from vitamins, the body needs a good amount of magnesium, iodine, iron, folic acid, and selenium. These are the essential minerals and nutrients that fight with fatigue and keep the mind and body energized. Diet, is a point to be stressed on all the time when it comes to dealing with fatigue and low energy levels. People with heart and blood pressure problems avoid salt. Salt contains iodine, and this is also one of the reasons why patients with heart and blood pressure problems feel fatigued most of the time.

If a person has a chronic health ailment that does not let them have other foods that are rich in minerals and nutrients; including small portions of these foods will be helpful, instead of making them a larger portion of their regular diet. This helps balance the energy levels in the body.

6. Negative Thinking And Attitude

This one usually goes unchecked. But, a person who is negative and worrisome is filled with negative thinking and attitude that can be exhausting not only for themselves but for others too. Mind is like a sponge. It absorbs what it is fed with. It is essential to fill the mind with positive outlook even in challenging times. A positive mind gives a lot of energy to the body. Negative thinking can affect emotions, and as a result can also influence the energy in the body adversely. Staying positive may sound like a cliché, but it is essential to have a positive attitude to have a healthy mind and a healthy body.